Complete Transparency in Government

Lies and fraud have become so normal in this civilization that it pervades every facet of our lives. From knowing that the packet of crisps is mostly air to realizing wars of all kinds are based on wholesale, planned lies which cost millions of precious human lives.

The only way forward for humanity that has a future is to remove the Government and Corporations ability to manufacture our reality to suit their interests. Most of us now are aware that all of the important decisions concerning us are made in secret, have a large input by a small group of corporate entities and therefore will not meet the needs of the majority.

Clear and simple laws with serious consequences need to be enacted prohibiting both Secrecy and Lies.

Presently, most interviews in the mainstream media will contain little else other than wholesale fabrications engineered to keep this society on the path to doom.. there needs to be consequences for those people, their decisions shape our world and we now know,- honesty does not. Lets change that. It's within our means.



  • Duh! these are obvious assertions. Who would vote against?

  • we all know this and still it keeps going on ,so people who's to blame, the goverments for trying or us for not doing anything about it

  • Both, jos. The failings of each perpetuating the failings of the design. It's a dysfunctional relationship between governments and people; complicated by the fact that governments are committing infidelity with the banksters and industrial cartels. Governments keep up the appearance of being married but the relationship was over a while ago. When we as a society finally realize that we've been dumped, we'll go after them for a divorce but there are still those who don't want to realize the truth even though people and governments don't even sleep in the same bed anymore.

  • There should be government transparency and some countries around the world seem to ignore it. The time is now to stop and make the politicians fo the world to understand, we're are not going to take it any more.

  • Revolution, just like distructive critism I think is a good thing.
    Get rid of the bankster lobbyest , limit polital pay grades ,end the central banking and do away with fedral income taxes and put the states or provences in charge of social programs with
    some government help by passing laws to protect the lower income.Stop going to wars that are ilegal and cut aid to countrys who are not our friends , To start with !!!

  • ... I agree with you :) I don't know how to do it though. In the United States, where I am now, we've given our government enough power to do what it wishes "for our safety". I don't know how to take that power back. Very few elected into our branches of government are not payed off or crooked. How do we reverse the path? How do we know what they're doing anymore? Our current president promised transparency, and I've yet to see him keep his word. I have no idea how much of my personal life the government is aware of with this new PRISM deal, and I don't know that I ever can. What is our government doing behind our backs? What future are they setting us up for? How do we stop them? The most radical idea would be to replace them completely, as our constitution suggests. But what if they're not the ones in charge? What if they're "puppets"? How do we find the puppet master? Our government is much bigger than even we know anymore. The banking industry has ties to it, the pharmaceutical industry, Wall Street, Monsanto ... I can't name all of those that I think would be relevant. We're becoming a communistic society and I don't know what to do. How do we bring awareness to the public? These and more are questions I think we need to consider.

  • Buy up fuel,food,and all you need for a month. Pick a date when millions of people are ready and stop buying and don't go to work for a month.

  • I like it, but I'd prefer some specifics to how this should be done.
    "All meetings or communications between any 2 or more of govermental authority must be recorded and livestreamed to the public"?

  • I object because there is nothing to vote for/against. This post is a waste really.

  • Great concept, impossible to execute. Despite what people know is decent and worthy, the immoral will acquire power by any means necessary, and use it to coerce the masses into submission, using all forces available to their office, and greater control of information is one of the benefits of power. All one needs to do is tap mankind's endless reservoir of fear to convince them that governmental transparency is detrimental to their personal security.

    Humanity, as beautiful as it can be, is ultimately incapable of preventing this, as those in power are governed by instincts that promote tyranny by exploitation of all resources available, including the psychological properties of their subjects.

  • Remember we talk about government and corporations as things they are made up of people just like you and me. The vast majority of humanity whether in government, corporate or generally living are living out their lives from thoughts beliefs ideas concepts of the past. It's like driving a car forward looking in the review mirror. The idea of transparency is great but instituting another policy or rule to enforce it is not the answer. We are over governed - if anything we need less governance and more and the only way this can happen is to get your friends and families and associates to rely less on the system (dependency) and to become self-reliant (independence). And it is onit when we stop blaming and pointing the finger at other people and become independent we can develop interdependence, where there is a lot less need to rely I the system. This does not mean rejecting the system. So whilst the system exists we must encourage transparency not demand it. Encouragement comes by helping others to have awareness of what they are doing and how it impacts humanity. In fact any wrong doing to others is done to self. It is in the moment of awareness - that nothing exists in isolation everything is interdependent that we grasp the true meaning of being human and the consequences of each and every persons actions. We cannot judge the government and corporate structures without judging the people within them and therefore it's a judgement of self. Refer Marianne Williamson running for senate - you cannot reject the thing you perceive as the system it is made up of people - you can only move to walk beside them and teach them to have awareness!! To global democracy I think it's a great idea!

  • I have watched as the policies put in place have taken more and more away from the average person, the lifeblood of this country. Laws and taxation have been changed so that they only benefit the already rich. The middle class is being squeezed to where it is almost gone. This has to change and only all of us standing up together to demand that the governments of the world work for the entire population will make that happen.

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