Humanity is Nature

Have you ever asked yourself what we truley have in common with every other living thing on this planet? What traits do we actually share with one another? Animals, Plants, and Humans whats the one thing they all do?

The answer is Biodegrade. When animals die they decompose, when plants die they decompose, and when humans die we decompose. This is not based off "faith" or manmade cults with self interests. No, this is easy enough for all of us to see, smell, and observe.

People have so detatched themselves from the concept that a mass majority believe a different entity put them on earth. How obsurd does that really sound when you stop and think about it?

Our planet allows our existance to even take place in means of ways we never could never fully understand. Our atmosphere is a amazing barrier that protects us day and night but never gets any praise for doing so. The trees that promote the oxygen we breathe never ask for anything. Versus the countless religous orginzations all over the world that have rules, judgements, and ask for money but yet never truley offered anything to you other than a Idea.

Once you stop and realize litertally everything we have comes directly from nature worship in something that has never made its existance known other than in fairytales becomes asinine when there is a force providng for you without anything in return.

My point is just to help you be aware that organized religion is just another corrupt mind set that poisons the world in thinking we are inferior to something thats not there. When we can be honored we are connected to something that helps us be prosperous.



  • They all require and produce energy

  • Good point. We, like all things in nature do consume energy. Not in the same magnitude but we do.

    It is this kind of thinking we need to stress to people. To see what we have in common with our fellow residents of earth versus what is different.

  • Not all aspects of religion are corrupt as you think. People have been able to alter religions for the past thousands of years. Religion stemmed from that spiritual connection humans felt with everything around them, and the idea that there must have been something or someone more superior than we are that created earth which in turn created us and all the animals and plant species on our planet. The idea of a God isn't stupid nor is it corrupt. It's the fact that organizations sell these ideas plus more unnecessary shit to people that's the corrupt part. In my opinion, since the Universe, including Earth, follow such divine laws of order and nature and every celestial body knows it's function. As well as every plant and animal on Earth knows it's function and performs according to it's instinctive knowledge. Yet we call ourselves the intelligent species of Earth yet we cannot seem to grasp our purpose or function as homo sapiens. There are so many spiritual people, for example Buddhists, who don't need a "god" for their religion, but they just follow what they believe is a good lifestyle, and they speak of the different chakra energies within us, which points to the belief that although we are connected to nature, we are not the same as everything else in nature. we have the ability to perceive nature and everything around us on a higher level than other animals. This idea is why I personally believe there is a God, you can call it whatever you want and imagine it in any form you want (I like to refer to Plato's theory of forms that God is the perfect immaterial form from which all material beings we know are derived) , but I do not believe the universe gives itself orders, you must have an open mind and imagination to believe in a higher power. To be part of a religion that lets you have no free thought, that's manipulation. But to have connection with the spiritual part of us (some call it the soul), and be able to connect to nature through the will of God is Freedom.
    Secularism and materialism creates the belief that we are the supreme species and may use Earth for all it has to offer without giving back, due to their understanding that Earth is a planet therefore it does not have emotions or opinions of us. I believe the contrary.

  • I object because the positive message is used to back an irrelevant and invalid point; because everything in nature is codependent and mutually benefits from natural processes, this must automatically mean that the world exists only physically and there is no intelligible, higher being? This is a very deductive monist argument. The OP says that "[literally] everything we have comes directly from nature," but where does this 'nature' come from? Isn't it equally logical to assume that some higher being, you might say God, has created nature and set these self-sustaining processes in motion? There is a disconnect in this argument, where the proponent basically suggests that the atmosphere, flora, fauna, nature all deserve praise or acknowledgement. A valid environmentalist point. However, that is soon negated as the poster reveals his/her distaste for organized religion; it seems that this post was just made in an effort to slam organized religion. Yes, there is corruption in organized religion, because anything involving people is subject to corruption, because people are corrupt. This lone fact, backed by insufficient evidence and an illogical argument, should not be enough to achieve your goal of convincing people that religion, or the notion of a divine power for that matter, is "absurd."

  • yep; though we support freedom for belief and worship, what a blessing for others to not need to accommodate our superstition <3

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