Freedom of choice

There are plenty of natural, effective, cheap methods of healing that exist, but interest groups (e.g. big pharma) block us from finding out or accessing them. I propose that everyone have the right to choose any and all methods, and that NO method be restricted or blocked in any way. If true freedom is given, then those methods that work best would very naturally come out on top, by people "voting with their feet" and those that are "fake" or which cause too many side effects, etc. will not be used and will die out naturally. (How everyone will afford health care is another topic).



  • If people were informed of the alternatives, this problem wouldn't exist.

  • The answer is that it doesn't cost less ..if you don't coidsner what the employer is paying. That's why so many people think COBRA is expensive. COBRA isn't expensive, it's just that when you continue your group plan under COBRA it's the same plan, at the same cost (plus maybe 2% for admin), but it seems expensive because your employer is no longer contributing.Individual plans ARE CHEAPER than group because you can be turned down. In group plans nobody can be turned down, so the cost to cover all the health problems escalates.The biggest mistake people make is assuming that their work coverage is more competitive without shopping. It's not uncommon, especially for young, health people, to be able to get cheaper plans on their own even when the employer is picking up half the cost.Finally, most small companies will just have their employees buy individual plans because it's a fraction of the cost .though either way it's always nicer when someone else is picking up the tab.

  • my first question, at this point in societal evolution : is..: while the entire country, more or less, is being confounded and distracted, by the Health Care debate, and related issues, WHAT ELEPHANT IS BEING SNUCK IN THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR? > The People Are mentally manipulated, on a Variety of levels, each and every Day !!! > and while good people, are debating health care, Meanwhile, the UBER-RICH are STILL getting richer? and the Govt has turned up the steam, on (wire-tapping) (drone attacks) and God KNOWS what ELSE.....??? i havent had a TV, for several months. * i cant decide if thats a good thing, or bad.

  • Normally I'm against killing but this article sluhrateged my ignorance.

  • That hits the target preefctly. Thanks!

  • This is just the peferct answer for all forum members

  • If I were a Teeagne Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kowabunga, dude!"

  • i do believe the corporate giants dont really care about our health just supply the most expensive drugs to companies such as the nhs while hiding cheaper alternatives ,maybe not hiding more forgetting yo mention they may be a cheaper way all managment appear to have slippery shoulders

  • As a health care professional, there are lots of cheap alternatives available, AND RECOMMENDED. Your child has asthma? Quit sanitizing everything in sight (so they develop immunity), and hey, DON'T SMOKE ANYWHERE NEAR THEM!!! This would actually save someone money (REAL money) -- cigarettes, medications, doctor visits, etc. Does it work? No!!!

    It's like the joke about how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one! But the light bulb has to WANT to change....

    People don't want to walk and exercise to reduce their weight, which causes their diabetes, and systemic inflammation, and joint pain, and sleep apnea, and.... People don't want to cook real food because it takes time and "doesn't taste as good" as McDonalds (not to mention the COST of real food)... People don't want to brush and floss their teeth, because their favorite TV show is on right after their great dinner, and they can't be bothered. It goes on and on. Much of our illness is self-derived, and society-reinforced.

    Turning the Titanic requires a lot. Thanks for letting me vent!

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