Global disclosure of our galactic families and release of 6000+ patents of suppressed technologies

This idea calls on the global governments to finally and fully disclose that we are not alone in the omni/multi/universe, and that there are peaceful civilizations currently and urgently wanting to work with humanity to heal our planet. This also calls for the release of the suppressed technologies that will create new cleaner and greener industries while cleaning our air, water and land virtually overnight. This one announcement has the potential to fix/heal virtually every other problem currently experienced in the world.

It is time. The people of the world are wanting it and they have known it, except maybe in North America where the mainstream media has been complicit in the coverup.

It is time for humanity and this planet to become a galactic star nation.



  • You'd be suprised how long we've had the ability to run vehicles on pure H20. Gasoline and Oil is soley for the self-interests groups. You can find water based vehicles and appliances just not a corporated idea because who's gonna make money off all the water driven machines?

    Theres a reason its even becoming illegal to collect rainwater in certain areas of the US.

  • I'm in total agreement with this proposal the world needs to learn its true place in the universe, and what we are capable of. So that we may take our rightful places in it among our galactic families. The release of such tech would stop the world from becoming a wasteland, and set it on the path to becoming a beautiful jewel in the cosmos. We are all one people and we need to realize this if we are to overcome our problems that pervade this planet, and enter a new age of prosperity.

  • I agree that the release of stolen and suppressed patent ideas should be one of our highest priorities. I don't know if it could happen overnight, but certainly within a year the Earth would recover.

  • The problem still remains. The question behind all of this is how to do we put it into action? How do collect the information and whereabouts of these devices and the people that designed them. Most of these individuals have been silenced or work for the government already.

    The real question is how do you take REAL action. This post has done nothing other than allowed a few people to agree with each other.

  • I object because there is no evidence that any government has any information about any "galactic families." It's conspiracy theorist insanity.

  • No, it is not insanity, it is the truth, it has always been the truth and our ancient ancestors knew this, it's written all over the world, holly wood has been slowly getting people to think outside the socially accepted box, In all the latest films there's references to this, prometheus being one of them, the ancient gods of old are not gods but entities who took the roles of gods to educate the people of earth, a small self interest group know this and have known for a long time, disclosure is a must for it answers the most asked questions, what's the meaning of life, are we alone and who am I, we are not fully conscious beings but we are waking up to the real reality around us, the matrix is real, it's a system designed to be held up by the societies of the world, what society deems right, wrong, real and fake, we are programmed via tv and media to implant the suggested truths. educate yourselves people. :)

  • I object because theres's no evidence for that (at least not that I know). I would like it to be true, and I´m very open-minded, a real skepticist (and being so, I believe that anything is possible). So, if you guys could give me at least a clue on that, I would be very thankful, and would change my vote as well.

  • @guilhermearbache - Your not going to find rock solid evidence of extra terrestrials any where, The powers that be have kept it out of the public's direct line of sight, the evidence that we are not alone is all around us, it's in our own bodies, the human brain is reptilian not human , you have the neocortex then the limbic system then you find the reptilian part which is at the top of the spinal cord, obviously we didn't evolve from monkeys because they don't have any reptilian parts of the brain.

    All the ancient gods were shown as reptilian or snake like, they are the Annunaki.

  • I have read a decent amount of these comments on the free energy type idea's and I have noticed that a lot of the people that comment saying something like "I object because this is pseudoscience." never say anything else i almost feel like they are just trolling to troll or are payed to troll and try and discredit idea's of which there are no bad ones but just for the future whenever someone is going to say i object please give decent reasons as to why you object not just "this is pseudoscience" you sound i think just as if not more ridiculous than someone saying i saw it on you tube as their evidence at least they give a reason or source... and as far as there is no evidence for aliens extra terrestrials you obviously have not done any research and should before responding i could go on for a while about evidence but you can easily just look up how many different NASA, jet pilot, commercial airline pilots, private pilots and many other account (1000's of them on audio of which I'm sure there are 1000's more that are classified) of reporting unidentified crafts flying next to them above them around them all over the world. In short when you promote an idea give examples or evidence and the same goes for opposing an idea...thank you.

  • We have a lot to deal with now, after we have sorted out all the shit that happens on this planet, and we have made a more balanced and recource based society, we will get time to look up for what might be there, in the meantime, if they are up there i invite them to come and help to make the live on earth independant, healthy and balanced.

  • There is the Citizen hearing on disclosure going on right now..

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