Torus Generators

A torus generator, or dynamo, creates an electro-magnetic field that pulls energy literally from the air around it (to put it VERY simply) . This may sound strange but let's take a moment to think about it- there is enough energy within your own body to blow your entire district to smithereens- and then some. If there is that much just within your atoms, think how much there must be in the gazillions of atoms that invisibly surround us. The generator can be operated manually, by turning a handle (so as to be used literally anywhere) which creates large amounts of energy, can run automatically, or can be plugged into a power source (at which point it creates more energy than it takes to run- effectively, your meter runs backwards). This form of generation was first discovered by the genius, Nikola Tesla, who wanted to distribute it, but after his workshop was burned to the ground in a mysterious fire (suspiciously linked to the newly rising oil and copper cabling/electrical companies) he was forced to abandon the idea, as many others, like inventor Adam Trombly, have been since. There have been many of these prototypes made, with many of them being seized and destroyed by government agencies. There are people out there right now trying to make more, and this form of energy can also be used for kinetic transportation and flight- check out this genius, who's done much research into the topic, and how it can also be used to create anti-gravity with a TR-3B Plasma Torus Anti-Gravity Centrifuge Engine.

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  • I object because this is pseudoscience. Build me a working prototype and I'll eat my words but until then, stop making shit up.

  • sorry...nonsense. I've investigated so many free-energy and near free-energy concepts and have always found them to be fraudulent and/or stupid. There are ways, but it is beyond our intelligence in general.

  • there is a lot of truth to this. your atoms do in fact contain the ability to annihilate entire cities. ( keeping in mind that this is millions of atoms that do this and not just one.) however we have billions upon billions of atoms all around us and an infinite amount that is in the cosmos. who is to say we can't harness their energy when it's already been done? as stated before, nikola tesla did in fact create a machine that could do this. wirelessly to be particular. that was a big problem to the electric and copper industry. and who was the person behind this? J.P. Morgan. he also funded tesla's work until he discovered this. he then ceased all of his funding and had his lab burnt to the ground. many more machines have been made since and all have been confiscated by government officials. why is that? is it because they know it's been made and they're covering it up so the oil, copper, electric, and health industries can continue to secure more and more profits that are of a relevant short term based off of existing planetary resources? yes. he who has the most money wins. the sad thing is that all of topics listed here on this site are all intertwined and cannot be properly discussed without bringing up facts on other topics. think outside of the box.

  • Beautiful, brilliant, the future! The sooner we get together and start pushing for these technologies to be recognised and utilised the sooner We'll move forward as the highły intelligent Race of tings that we are!

  • We need to show it to the people becouse a lot of them think this is S-F movies not a real life product

  • If a prototype is built it would be pretty hard to show you if it continually is confiscated by organizations such as the FBI. Build one yourself. Why rely on others for proof.

  • I object because instead of explaining how this works or could be implemented, if it exists at all, the OP just started ranting about the system.

  • Aw, this was a very nice post. In concept I would like to put in wtnirig like this moreover – taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and certainly not seem to get one thing done.

  • Can anyone give me a blueprint of the prototype and don't worry I won't say I build it but ill tell them that you invented it.

  • I understand the concept of torus free energy that comes from space around us. By further study this fundamental concept is possibly can be achieve but the problem is what happens when we try to contain such a huge energy when it overloads. Like you guys said 1 atomic particle can destroy a major city of the map.

  • psuedoscience was what they called the science we use now it takes a imagination and a inventor to get things rolling why look at torus energy only to disprove it? get off your ass and join us in trying to figure this out, takes many minds and ideas to create something of this magnitude looks like youve been conditioned, our government has done a great job on you my friend open your eyes and see the truth, not be dosiel

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