The right to clean water

Companies, with or without local government approval, should not be allowed to "bottle" water and destroy whole communities.

this solves 2 rather large issues quickly becoming a problem.

1. plastic bottles strewn around the world.

2. clean water not being taken from small communities around the world and left for dead.



  • let me get this straight, you DON"T want companies to filter and sell me water? what am I suppose to do, drink from a mud puddle?

  • we got by for years without bottled water and still can through the same city water pumping, they just need to be cleaned up.
    And its more the destruction of whole communities like they have done repeatedly, then left the people remaining without drinkable water sources.

  • what is the difference between bottled water and bottleing soda pop.. its the same just the Pop is loaded with sugar and chems that kill the human body.. IF we are to anything it should be bottling sugar and feeding it to our children. and Bottled water should only be availble where freash safe water is NOT availble and then should only be in many gallon refillabe containers...

  • 1. Plastic waste is harmful to the environment and the living beings that come in contact with it. Energy should be placed to phase out this unnecessary material or find a way where it does no harm. Waiting for the genius who makes plastic bio-degradable and/or non-toxic for both the environment and all life that lives within it.

    2. Any entity that takes from the earth should do so with the awareness of the impact they have on the affected area. Carry out your business in a responsible matter that harms nobody, then there would never be a problem in the first place. Do not take so much that mother earth cannot replenish what you have taken, this includes all resources.

  • I object because companies bottle water to satisfy the wants of consumers, who find the marginal utility of bottled water to exceed the marginal utility of the amount of money which it would cost to acquire the bottled water. Prohibiting companies from bottling water will artificially augment the scarcity/availability of water which will increase the amount of money needed to acquire water. Under public management, the water supplies will succumb to corruption by special interests; the difficulty of attaining a sufficient amount of water (according to each individual's circumstance and subjective valuation) will increase tremendously!

  • The accident of finding this post has brieethngd my day

  • This piece was cogent, well-witrten, and pithy.

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