Identifying A Step By Step Plan For Attaining Goals Quickly, Cheaply and Efficiently

The Matrix For LIFE that this idea is based upon, can be viewed at:

The short explanation is as follows. Within any area of society, be it government, business or elsewhere, the idea is to have the group focus on the ideal outcome FIRST; how it will look at the end.

The next step is to ask the question "What must happen FIRST, to create this goal?' From here a series of steps may be identifed.

The next step is to ask the question again "What must happen FIRST, before these steps can be achieved?" Again, a series of steps may be identified.

The idea is to keep doing this, until the list is reduced to a manageable set of achievable goals where resources and efforts can be focused. As the initial steps are achieved, the dominoes will lead to each successive step, and time, energy and resources will not be wasted, because the steps were identified, hopefully in the most practical order, to facilitate the change as quickly, as cheaply and as efficietnly as possible.

The Matrix at the link above identifies just a few examples to help understand how the steps could be used. The bottom five bars identify a few examples of the steps I identified for global change. The overall goal is on the left side, and each step moves to the right. The very first step is changing government, business and religion. Changing these structures to more LIFE-honouring institutions will lead to the next step, and so on.

The Matrix For LIFE is about finding what each individual is ultimately most passionate about - what 'truth' he/she came here to Gaia to share. As each soul is empowered through various disciplines of self-awakening, the individual grasps a deeper connection to LIFE, and more holistic understanding and one's choices begin to change. The choices begin to serve humanity, the planet and also our galactic families as a star nation. The choices will lead one into a particular part of society where he/she will find the greatest fulfillment and service to LIFE, and this may be in one or more different aspects/capacities within the overall societal structure.



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