A Moment For Healing - Apologies To All Within The ONENESS of LIFE

In taking steps towards true healing, and of building new relationships, acknowledgement of past choices that were not LIFE-honouring to various groups is hereby offered. I offer these apologies as a representative of the ‘once-privileged’ society that I was born into: white, middle-class, North American and male.

AS A GALACTIC/GLOBAL SOVEREIGN HUMAN SHARING THIS PRECIOUS PLANET EARTH/GAIA, I acknowledge that I have made choices to participate in ways of living that have been harmful to our planet and to all upon her. TO THE LIVING ENERGY SYSTEM THAT IS OUR PLANET EARTH OR GAIA, to our natural environment and to all animals that have suffered as a result of these choices, I OFFER MY SADNESS AND COMPASSION. I ask for forgiveness, that from this moment forward can we begin a new relationship of healing and growing in ONENESS to restore dear Gaia to her original pristine beauty with clean air, water and abundance for ALL! I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I FORGIVE MYSELF. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU!

TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS WALKING THE PATHS OF FIRST NATIONS, INDIGENOUS AND TRIBAL GROUPS WORLDWIDE that historically have had their roots and traditions in honouring the Earth, and who have been negatively affected by western-world greed, corruption and abuse, MY HEART WEEPS WITH COMPASSION AND SADNESS at what the choices of the white men have brought to your peoples and how we have missed a glorious chance to benefit from the wisdom of your Earth knowledge. The courage and strength your souls needed to participate in this path of awakening has been challenging and at times dangerous. We tried to remove the Earth-wisdom from you so you would not remember who you are, and the valuable gifts you were to bring to humanity. This is changing! I see your Earth-wisdom awakening in many corners of our planet! I ask for forgiveness, and that from this moment forward can we begin a new relationship of healing the Earth, re-learning this wisdom and growing together within the ONENESS.

May each individual receive his or her unique Earth wisdom to begin walking the path of honouring Self, others, our planet and our galactic family! Thank you for who you are and for what you represent! I love you and SEE you all!

TO THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD whose energies, skills, abilities and bodies have been suppressed, oppressed, and subjected to various forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual: I OFFER MY COMPASSION and SADNESS that your contribution to humanity’s evolution has been denied its fullest expression of the Divine Feminine within LIFE. I’m sorry for whatever choices I have made that have perpetuated this condition, and I ask for forgiveness from the Divine Feminine worldwide. I celebrate this awakening of the deeper Divine Feminine within all aspects of LIFE at this time, and celebrate this awakening with all of you! May we enter into a new harmonious balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that honour the energies that are a part of both physical bodies in the creation of a new Earth. Thank you to the courageous souls who brought this truth forward into consciousness, and THANK YOU to those of you strong enough to find the compassion and forgiveness to release and heal all that is crying out to be healed at this time! May we dance together in joy, Light and love! I LOVE AND SEE YOU ALL!

TO THE MEMBERS OF THE LESBIAN AND GAY COMMUNITIES WORLDWIDE, I OFFER MY SADNESS AND COMPASSION that there have been those among us who are still continuing to make you ‘wrong’ in having this particular experience within the ONENESS of LIFE. I honour your courage and service! You are examples that love exists beyond what has traditionally been taught to us, and love need not be confined to purely the heterosexual experience. Love exists at a deeper level, and the courage that all of you have shown in creating awareness, while still retaining your gentle nature without significant rebellion demonstrates further what you are contributing to humanity’s evolution at this time. I ask for your forgiveness of any actions I may have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to holding all of you back from you having the fullest, LIFE-honouring experiences of yourselves at this time! I invite your energies to assist this vision in raising the energies of our planet, in creation of a LIFE-honouring love, in all of its glorious expressions! I LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU ALL!

TO ALL WHO ARE VISIBLE MINORITIES, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY ARE IN THE WORLD OR THOSE OF THIRD-WORLD COUNTRIES, who have been repressed and oppressed, I OFFER MY SADNESS, COMPASSION that there are those within western-based societies that have taken advantage of your people and your cultures. It is my inner knowing that your souls came with knowledge of what would happen at this time, and I honour your courage in serving your truth, to assist humanity and the ONENESS in moving further beyond, toward a knowing of what love IS, through our historical experiences of what love has not been. I ask for forgiveness, and invite you to move forward, if you are willing to choose so, in creating something better for our world. May we co-create this new Earth together! I LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU ALL!

TO ALL THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD, I acknowledge that the vision represented by this work MAY appear as a threat to some of your beliefs. I ask for your open-mindedness to what we are co-creating. Within the ONENESS, there are truths that link all religions to a common Divine Energy, and there have been acts within all faiths of separating people, and keeping people living in fear. IT IS NOW TIME FOR THIS TO PASS. Religious faiths have been incomplete in their message, and a time is now here to come together in ONENESS to co-create a harmonious environment, while still being able to honour those who wish to continue practicing and celebrating their faiths. As all are being called to do at this time, so too are religions worldwide being called to evolve. ALL faiths are invited to help co-create a new Earth, if you are willing to choose this! I LOVE YOU ALL!

TO THE DIVINE MASCULINE OF THE WORLD: I know I have spoken for some of you, and I know very well many of you will not accept this. I want you all to know that I see you, I love you! I thank and honour those who resonate with these words, and I send compassion and forgiveness to those who do not. The male ego has run rampant, causing pain, fear, separation, greed and untold harm to all aspects of LIFE! It is time to let this go. I gently offer that whether or not you are willing to do so, it is going to happen anyway. LIFE is ensuring that LIFE continues, and many in humanity are choosing to make it so with a higher love. It would be wonderful to have more men answering this call, to bring weight to these words, and to bring true compassion, forgiveness, healing and service for all to LIFE!

TO THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD WHO DESERVE OUR DEEPEST APOLOGIES: OUR CHOICES HAVE NOT BEEN LIFE-HONOURING for your future. Parents were given the responsibility to bring you into this world and raise you. The world we created made it too difficult for most parents to give you the love, guidance and example that you needed them/us to be. We cannot expect you to simply grow up and be better than we have been, without having given you an example to aspire towards being. Many of us ARE trying!! We understand your anger, and you do have every right to experience and share those emotions. However, as very unique souls having chosen to come into the world at this time, you came knowing what was happening, and you DO have it within your memory to awaken to your individual truth, and to be the example of love and forgiveness that many in the older generations are having difficulty being. I SAY HERE AND NOW THAT I AM TRULY SORRY TO ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD; that we have taken away so many opportunities for you to fully experience yourselves, even though I also maintain that we DO have the opportunity in creating a new Earth to learn to co-create together. Will you accept my apologies, on behalf of all people, and share a new loving energy in co-creating a new Earth that will benefit ALL LIFE? I LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU ALL!

TO THE MEMBERS OF OUR GALACTIC FAMILY who are here to help Earth and those of humanity who are ready to awaken: More and more are becoming aware of your existence and desire to assist us. I speak on behalf of humanity that we look forward to a day very soon when we can meet and interact with you at any time, without fear, and with a pure desire to know, learn and understand your people, your worlds, and the universe-at-large. I OFFER MY SADNESS AND COMPASSION that some of you have been harmed and/or killed by certain dark forces that seek to hide this truth from the world.

No longer do we wish that information be kept hidden from us by elitist power structures, and we ask for all assistance that is allowed within Cosmic Law, to help lift Earth through these evolutionary challenges, and assist us with information and technologies that will build a universal community based in the energies of love and ONENESS and prevent further suffering on this planet. I LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU ALL!

Finally, TO THE MEMBERS OF THE ELITIST POWER STRUCTURES AND OUR INSTITUTIONS OF LEADERSHIP INCLUDING GOVERNMENT, RELIGION, MEDIA AND BUSINESS: In the past, we have judged your actions as ‘wrong’, when in fact your choices and actions brought us the very opportunities to choose to be the Light. I AM SORRY for my part in making all of you ‘wrong’ within the ONENESS of LIFE. I choose to say to you that I know you have forgotten who you are, and that your actions were a gift to us to know ourselves as spiritual beings. We allowed these choices of dishonouring LIFE to continue without awakening to our true nature. I do not wish to see any of you hurt, nor do I seek to punish any of you. However, the condition f



  • Hi Steve, One thing I love about the work I do is helping pploee to quickly identify where they are withholding forgiveness from themselves for perceived mistakes, errors, blame, loss, disappointment, divorce, foreclosures, deaths, failures, accidents,and on and on.The thing that pploee need the most help with is self forgiveness and that is something that stays stuck in their energy years past the point where they are conscious of the glitches. It covers many areas of our life experience. The sweetness of pure core self begins accepting the idea that we are not enough soon after 5 or 6 yrs old. We learn to forgive ourselves in our heads and we ache in our hearts until it is buried under a pile of new self grievances or imagined slights and anger at self and others. Year after year it goes on. Until we release these glitches by the hundreds thousands- millions and yes even billions of self angers. It is not our anger at others that we carry like so much heavy duty baggage. No, it is our own self appointed failures and pain that weighs us down while aging us and damaging our hearts and other organs. Anger is toxic and pploee do need to forgive themselves and life. People get sick from carrying the load. It is more than empty words. For many pploee, it is the hardest thing you can ask them to do. Yet, they are literally dying for it. I have seen the results of forgiveness in the heart and energy, not in the head. It is hard to describe because you really have to be there or experience it for yourself. One day I will show you personally exactly what I mean. It is fortunately, for most pploee; fast, freeing, and forever so it makes a huge difference in their energy fields quickly.I hope you do not mind the long comment but I really felt the need to express this. Forgiveness is a big deal for most pploee. It can literally be a matter of life and death. I hope we can walk the talk together on the path of service and leadership. I appreciate you. An unconditional love hug coming your way,Alexandra

  • This is beautiful. Thank you. Other than that, I am speechless, except to say I am in agreement with you and aspire to embody the truth that you have so eloquently expressed.

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