Mass exposure of Natural Cures and Gov't Corruption

Natural Cures are freely avaiable to all. The FDA and FTC are lying to the general public. Kevin Trudeau should be supported as he is the current spokeman for revealing Natural Cures. This act alone would cause a tidal wave of change as many corrupt Govt officials would be arrested and many areas of our govt would change. The billions of dollars spent on bogus medicine that drives the machine of corruption would end and we would have a much better chance in securing a free and just society.

The way to secure mass exposure is to unite the many peoples to take a stand for truth and publically declare the truth regarding Natural Cures. A unity that connects all people in America. Church leaders, celebrities, business men, singers, diverse cultures and religions. Raising our voice as one we could shake the very foundations of this country. This outrage is of the highest degree as 1000's of people die everyday because a few elite groups want to get rich. The people should be outraged and publically declare their intent to arrest the corrupt individuals. The courts are corrupt and the people must take more tactically aggressive action in order to create change. Dynamic health is available to all. If focus was directed on this one issue I guarentee the rest of the issues would be solved as a result of this one idea. Because the same corrupt individuals that dictate this outrage also are the one's responsible for the rest of the chaos in this world.

Knowledge of this information could be found anywhere. Open your eyes and see the facts. Using teamwork between many people we could petition for the arrest of these men immedietly or else. Freedom is worth the price. Our forefathers would agree and they would of resolved this issue within the week if they were aware of this outrage. The people of today have grown lazy and dependant upon a government that enslaves it's people. It is our duty and responsibility to act against corruption. Ask yourself what a free people would do against this form of corruption? Search your soul and understand that the government of today will do anything to keep you in bondage. Should you not be willing to do anything to earn the freedom that you rightfully deserve? Again, what would a free people do?



  • The FDA an the national cancer institute should be horse whipped, they are suppressing the work of Dr. Burzynski because he is on the road to a cure for cancer. Many cures are being and have been suppressed do to the fact that there is no money in the cure.

  • If you research on most people in some parts of the world who have successfully cured cancer either by accidental discovery of a remedy or through scientific studies you'll see the only common thing they have is scrutiny from the tentacles of the Rockefeller family and foundation, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies. The law should never be in the hands of these maniacs and should be given back to the citizens.

  • even if natural cures for prominent diseases and sicknesses are found, the FDA doesnt approve of them until they can chemically alter it, patent it, and put a price tag on it. Its all just sickening (I bet they got a pill for what im feeling right now. haha.

  • Government officials are also slaves of the system. You can't expect those who aren't awake to wake up and free everyone or change the system they themselves believe is perfectly fine. CONSCIOUSNESS is acquired through honest self evaluation and deep reflection....few ever acquire it and you can't buy it. For those who are more aware/conscious, your one light can fill up a room of darkness - so keep on shining. That will do more good in changing minds - be the change. Think about how hard it is to just change yourself and realize no one person or group of people can make other people change if they don't want to.

  • I object to this because it's far too vague. What does it mean by "Natural" cures?
    What does "Bogus Medicine" refer to?
    The "Alternative Medicine" that don't even have dosages because the makers know that they don't have any effect beyond placebos?

  • In Australia it is illegal to even talk about, let alone make or sell Cansema, which is a natural and highly effective cure for skin cancer. It's disgusting! Eliminating dairy from your diet can drastically aid the reduction of size in cancers that are hormone related such as prostate, breast, etc. There are so many things people should know about.

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