Think, Truly Think!

I can say, from my own personal view, that changing one's own belief is not only hard, but never truly leaves you. In most faiths and beliefs are things that called to you in some way. You might have been in your parents faith as a child and now as an adult you may still follow it because it holds true to your heart or you have found another that you now follow. But think, most belief systems have in them a very common set of rules to live by. 1. Take care of you and your family. 2. Take care of you fellow Man(Women). 3. Take of you home. Sure they don't say it in those words but they do say it. We as the people of earth, regardless of color or creed or belief, we are all human. As such, we are flawed in more then one way. But think, If we could step back for just a moment and remember that we are by no means perfect, (Us or our Neighbor) then maybe we could learn what turn those flaws into hates and dislikes. No matter who we are or what we are we are in this together. The world doesn't need anymore wars or fights or separation , we need to work together and in order to do that, someone has to take the first step, and then the next. Many faiths and beliefs started with one person, or even one Idea. Let the new calling be that of the human being. Let the goal be , to fight after we have fixed things. If we must fight, couldn't it just wait a little first. Lets get curtain things in order first, than if war is what people want then give it to them, but do so , almost like a sporting game or the bully from grade school, set a time and place. But think first, If we don't fix anything, then there will be nothing worth fighting for. and remember , think, we are are just human being. we are flawed, but we can grow and learn.



  • "Let the goal be , to fight after we have fixed things"......were doing great up to there

  • I object because Everybody can decide what they truly think without interference.

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