Internet Piracy

If a hacker is seen hacking a persons system and the victim is able to show the local police the intrusion, then the perpetrators should be charged and arrested immediately and not routed to the useless and neglegent FBI. Their should also be a program that anyone can use that indicates a hack attempt and can immediately notify the proper authorities within your region.



  • then what if I cant prove who hacked up my site?

  • I object because this is silly. Any program that could detect a hacking attempt 100% of the time could also just not allow the attempt in the first place.
    As far as not involving the FBI, who do you think will handle the case? Most police do not have the right to arrest someone outside their city/state/country. That's the FBI's job.

  • this is a petty argument, people are fighting for there right to live, agenda21 is no bs and instead of fighting for free energy to be released, or our galactic family to be publicly acknowledged.. you want your self inflicted malware infected pc problem to be a matter for the FBI.. :/

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