Investigation of Scientology

Recently, there have been a number of prominent members of the church of Scientology that have left the organisation that originally founded the movement. Many of these people have since spoken out about some of the things that go on within the upper echelons of the church.

The vast majority of these stories match up in the smallest details and tell a horrifying tale of things such as forced abortions, physical and verbal abuse, human trafficking, intimidation, blackmail and the forced separation of families. These people speak of the denial of some of the most basic human rights. The only move the church makes is to deny the accusations but this seems more and more ridiculous as the number of testimonials grows ever larger.

I suggest that this group tries to put pressure on the countries in which the church claims tax exemption to fully investigate these horrifying claims to see the extent of their veracity and, if they are true, to bring the perpetrators to justice.



  • A simple internet search can direct you to examples of these testimonials and there are several documentaries by companies such as the BBC on youtube which examine these claims.

  • Wow, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the clip of her praofemrnce. (All these whack reality shows way too much and I do not watch). I was thinking all this back story if unnecessary especially when this is about singing. She incriminated herself and put herself out there to be revealed as being untruthful. I wish she would have let the talent she has carry her and not stoop to trying to win people over with lies. Why, you ask? She ended marriage#3 to baby daddy #1 recently. She has made him out to be a not there kind of dad and that is NOT true. Baby #2 is has a different father who may not be active but think how does a story play out when you married and going through a divorce and wam you pop up preggo? She is into Scientology like Tom Cruise hence their linkage. She was a victim of abuse. No one wants to discredit her, but to want to win by spinning and selling your life story as a pitfall of disasters is not accurate. She may not be a mega star but she has accomplished more than what real struggling artist have not. Who can say they were in a female R&B group, made 2 albums, did Broadway, toured, etc. She is even known for being in Friends and Lovers Stage play <<< (look it up). But hey if her celeb friends Tisha Campbell Martin, Shaun Robinson & Shari Headley promote her to the top I guess we will know how much of a non-factor she is on having celeb endorsement and not talent. NEXT!

  • I object because This is religious persucution Scientology is a religion

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