Personal Privacy Act (edited)

Citizens of a global democracy should all (if not a terrorist to society) fall under the Personal Privacy Act. This act would cease the government from monitoring all of people's personal lives. On a daily basis, government, and private corporate official monitor citizens and customers. Privacy is a major part of what we know as freedom. This freedom is not free, we must fight for it. But it is currently a losing fight. The governments of the world all have different views on what is "privacy" and choose to or not to allow it. What would our world be if you couldn't have secrets? Anyone could know when you had a date, were going to lunch, meeting a family member, ordering something online, listen to phone calls, read texts, emails and tons more. In conclusion, the world should be entitled to their desired privacy. The government already monitors suspicious people without permission, I think that is enough for them. We must fight for this freedom, as it is slowly fading.



  • My noble legislater your concern is noted but let us not forget that global democracy gives all citizens terrorist or not, the right to express thier absolute just ideas secretly or publicly.

  • The government needs to monitor suspicious people, but there are also instences where it needs to monitor those who look like they are in pain in order to help out those who don't know how to ask for themselves.

  • No spying without warrants issued by judges and based on probable cause, not "reasonable suspicion" is that simple. Return power to the People.

  • Only the Government need be monitored for the are untrustworthy and subversive in their motivations.

  • I totally agree. I am absolutely amazed at how the American government was able to spy on its citizens and other countries and get away with it so easily. It really feels that the USA aim to seek safety at all costs and that they feel that the end justifies the means. Which is very morally wrong obviously.

  • would it be that bad to not have secrets? :o

  • I object because if you want to be protected and feel safe than you'll have to pay the price of it. I say monitor everyone, especially the sick demented pedophiles and the registered offenders to the max.

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