Disarmament of mankind.

My idea would be the total disarmament of mankind, this would mean no firearms, no nuclear weapon's, the only weapon's of any kind that would be permitted would be ones registered to the world government for chaos and crowd control, and these would be less than lethal weapon's, no weapon's firing bullet's would be allowed, this also refers to hunting, weapon's would not be permitted, lethal forms of trapping would be permitted, guns throughout history have always been bad news and with a true global democracy weapons of any sort wouldnt be needed, this indeed, would cut the number of murders worldwide by 98%, i think this is the only way to make a truly enjoyable global livelyhood



  • The problem with that is criminals will find ways to create weapons with a defenseless population. Also, this would give government absolute power and control over people. Power in which they could and would abuse. That's a lot of power for one organization to have.

    P.S. 98% is a wildly inaccurate number.

  • well ofcourse my proposal would need great revision, but isnt that the point of posting it here ?

  • Humans are primates. We have been arming ourselves for about 2.5 million years. Armaments are but the physical manifestation of our inner violent and warlike instincts. We must change our brains and ways of thinking before we attempt to make the world safe by abolishing weapons. Weapons are not the problem. Our instinctive behavior is the root of the problem. To abolish weapons before we change our instinctive bahavior as a species would be unwise.

  • I posted a similar suggestion a few months ago. If you click on my GD number you should see it along with comments from voters. "destroy all privately held guns". or you can use the "search" button on the left.

  • Great idea, and after you're done you can just call me MASTER

  • I object because this sort of thing would give a select group of people the ability to unfairly overpower other groups of people. This could lead more to a global dictatorship than a global democracy.

  • I object because self protection is a unalienable, natural law right of each person. Like it or not, evil exists and each person has the right to protect oneself from physical harm. The unfortunate truth is that, if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Prohibition has NEVER worked for anything that anyone wants to have.

  • No nuclear devices, we cannot live in a land poisoned by radiation....

  • there is only so much room...

  • that sounds nice , but will never happen. no one will be the first to do it

  • I object because the best defense against tyranny is a well armed populace

  • This is a wrong idea and will lead to nothing good, even devout monks have had to raise arms against invaders and tyrants alike, also, when you say weapons I take it you mean all weapons, as in no more baseball because the bats a weapon, no more hot sauce of any kind because it can be used as mace?, how far are you willing to go to have total control over me, that's what your asking, I'm a martial artist and I don't like fighting..HOWEVER I will never be a victim because I myself am a weapon, what doe's every living crawling thing on this planet have in common.. the instinct of self preservation, we do not, as a race we have dropped our rights to settle agreements on our own, protect whats our of defend ourselves, we call a number, I've never seen a dog need permission to defend itself, I've never seen anyone arrest a tiger for going tiger on someone, we need our own god given birthrights noticed.

  • Disarmament sounds perfect but at the same time impossible as it already have been said. Can you at least suggest HOW will this happen? Any logical way?

  • @ShiroGaijin: I would actually be very interested to see hot sauce used as a mace.

  • I object because, as other commenters have said, this suggestion is both impractical and unwise. It is our right to defend ourselves. We should embrace that right and become as capable as we can with regard to our self defense, with and without arms, which are never likely to disappear. : ) > -

  • I object because guns aren't dangerous -people are

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