Every Human Life has Value

That every human being regardless of race, nationality, beliefs and religion be treated as equals. It is a Quaker belief that all humans are endowed with this inner light connecting them to their chosen god, and remember it takes just as much faith to be an atheist as it does to be a member of organized religion. It really doesn't matter, however, because those details are a moot point. In wars we are fighting other humans, in environmental matters we are ruining our future as a race. Even extremists, even people who are uneducated, even people who do not belong to the same nation as you who believe different things, their lives have value. The future is in our hands and for the sake of business competition and immediate results and selfish gain we are ruining it. No one wins wars, its your classic lose, lose situation. We are one global civilization. Embrace it.



  • The suggestion that it takes as much faith to be an atheist as to be in an organised religion is a childish suggestion, and betrays a complete lack of understanding on the part of the person making such a suggestion.

  • i love christians

  • so christians will only show the good in what they believe,

  • Let's expand this one to every life has value, including animals and plants.

  • * i am inclined to offer, POTENTIAL, value. everyone has POTENTIAL value.
    as measured by the whole..

  • The big thing about Christianity I feel is that it's a religion with the potential to embrace all life as a whole. The problem is that, Christianity has seemed to stray away from it's roots of jewish wisdom. There are so many denominations out there, that it's hard to know what to believe in at all.

    The catholic church holds way too much power, and dictates far too much based on old traditions. The book of micah speaks of the messiah's coming, and all nations working together in peace, each under the names of their own gods.

  • How would you implement this concept in a world-wide Democratic Constitution?

    The true value of this statement is not understood by the left-wing of the free world. Every human life that is fundamentally a separate organism from the father and mother begins at the very moment the Male gamete meets up and joins with the female gamete.

    To say "every human life" the very fundamental reality of that would be to ban abortion in its entirely and to exhaust our medical resources as much as we possibly can to do everything within our power to save every unborn child and their mother who's lives become at risk.

    The murder of a pregnant woman would be equivalent to murders of 2 individuals. The death of a pregnant woman would be equivalent to the death of 2 individuals.

    Any abortions that ever actually do happen would be a murder by the mother and the aborting physician for which they would be fully responsible under the law.

    Is that what you are intending to say?

  • As for Anonymous Atheist up there. When you come to a house in the desert, or lets say the face on Mars, but way more intricate and awe-inspiring.

    Then those who find this structure just assume through the ages it was designed and created, then one day a group proposes that it was not designed, but simply developed over time, and then proceeds to explain it in a very ambiguous, seemingly scientific way that can't actually be proven, but only speculated.

    To then say that such a group is not taking it one faith that it was not designed, that is a foolish and demonstrates a profound lack of understanding of the fundamental nature of that which you actually believe, so yes, Mallory 349 over there is right about your faith being an Atheist.

  • i love my indian people

  • Competition brings better innovation it motivates us and if you are not for competition then you are like a closed minded totalitarian dictator that would cause wars to stop competition cause competition is an instinct and we are and will compete in ideas and innovation civilly With the rooted principals in christiananity you can innovate freely but if have a stateist mindset and belive the state is your god then laws will change for the crony capitalist and screwup the free market system like they have done in the past 150 years to America they that is the progressive movement and communism is an atheist point of view where they replace god with state Benjamin Franklin said it best "we believe there is a god and when we die we are going to be judged by that god and the best way to serve god is to serve your fellow man" and through Christ you can find the ways you can serve your fellow man so embrace that

  • I definitely like this idea. While we may not neccesarily like that people are black, white, gay, straight, female, male, etc, we can't stop it-the only thing we can do is acknowledge that they deserve basic rights like the rest of us. When society can finally do that, I think that we will honestly be better people.

  • As people we tend to divide ourselves into different groups as you have posted above. In the end I believe this will lead to our destruction. We will never live in a world without chaos, if we don't understand or at least respect one another. The reason why there is hate in this world is because believe we are always right, everyone should be respected for their opinion even if we don't agree.

  • I object because child molesters, human traffickers and rapists are of no value to the world.

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