Transparency with Taxes

Now I want this implemented in the US, but ideally it would become global policy. Every tax dollar and cent should be accounted for and its use catalogued, and this information should be publicly disseminated.



  • Its our money, and we do owe it to the government. But in return the government owes us the information on how it is being spent

  • I object because the additional redtape and beureacracy which it would create is mind-boggling, and it is quite simply unnecessary.

  • I don't know about Australia, but here in the US so much tax money is misused (i.e. embezzled) and un-acounted-for that I feel it's necessary. As the government is meant to serve the public, the public deserves to know and have a say in how its money is being spent. But what do you mean by redtape? And how would this measure increase bureaucracy? The information must be on file, all they need to do is post it all on a public website. It seems to me copy-paste and a couple of mouse-clicks would do it.

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  • Yours is a clever way of thinnikg about it.

  • That's a sulbte way of thinking about it.

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