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Many things about this website are not clear. In particular, in relation to the idea that the president of the world will produce another "press conference" like the one currently circulating on youtube, on the ideas that are "most popular" here. What are the specifics of this? will the video that has the most positive votes or highest genius rating on a specific day be the one that is chosen? will a separate motion be passed suggesting it specifically? Will there be a forum to discuss the content of the presidents speech?

Is this all yet to be decided, and if so what shall be the decision making mechanism?

In short I think Global Democracy should lay bare the methodology of the administrators. I say this as a fervent supporter of the project.

Even now I am not sure which category to post this under, and think perhaps there should be a "procedural" category in which these issues could be discussed.



  • Thanks always, Austin. A "procedural" category is a great idea. We'll do it.
    The project is voluntary with no financial backing or PR (yet) and the founders of GD/POW have full-time jobs in other fields, which has led to very little "operation" and a lack of solution as to how to best be transparent without drawing attention to the founders needlessly.

    The project should very quickly belong to the People of the World, not the founders. Your ideas will help that. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of screen with a "contact us" and we intend to implement your thoughts and those of others in a very transparent way.

    The thinking is POW will release quarterlies on YouTube highlighting the top 5 "Most Popular" above "90%" above "Great" providing it does not conflict with the global constitution (link is in Pres of the World, to your left).

    Thanks again. Hopefully people will use this post to discuss GD operations in the meantime. We'll keep working at it.

  • Make it "80%" and over. Some ideas get pulled down by people who fear change. But it's fair to say that 60% and under need to be modified and reposted, or dropped.

  • it's problematic how we people define Transparency , we are living a world full of transparency , though! i haven't seen any. anywhere even here in my country.
    what i really want to , if there is anybody in charge of anything Union, Country, Company, WEB SITE, or even a grocery store, any body in charge please don't be DEAF and listen to us, this is Transparency .

  • Are you kidding me, seriously? A world full of transparency? Yeah right. Do have any idea the kind of secrets that are kept hidden from the public and the blow-back that results?

  • I object because Many things about this website are not clear.

  • I just have one think to ask dos MONSATOS run this to!

  • The writer of the post got there before i did concerning what this site was all about. I am glad of the clarification of the administration. I clearly can now see what type of ideas and solution would be interesting to the team and the POW. Defiantly not objectionable but possible solutions to the worlds problems. Nor the impossible, please tell me if i got that right.

  • We are those who have control over this site, because if we do not like the direction of it, Then we create a new side, but instead, I give them credit and I understand that there is a Proses to mature our ideas that and take time and effort. I already proposes a solution to GD/POW:

    I would be pleased if you read all the text as it is a solution of a problem, not a problem. Thanks!

    In order to integrate the ideas that all add, why not add the possibility that these proposals could invite another proposal to be part of that proposal as part of the points of this proposal, and the opposite.and that the invitation allows a dialogue between those involved so that they can agree and share votes as a group because they have the same type of nature but in different order, but keeping individual votes, to highlight its importance rather than compete with each other.

    The fact that ideas compete for importance only have the results of separate them, when in fact all our ideas are important and only need a place to match in order.

    These invitations should have a voting options by those involved in a chain of ideas only to indicate whether they agree or disagree with this union of ideas, and a dialog box to discuss the reasons why agree or disagree, to prevent a person takes possession of the ideas they proposed, but does not belong to him.

    And this can be done from one idea to another causing a chain of ideas that highlighting the order of the ideas of the same nature by the order on the chain and the most urgent by the votes of an idea on a chain of ideas. on the same order by votes.
    To get the Human Integration!

    Allow to send personal messages to members. and to list the people with whom we can discuss ideas.

  • new category "global Democracy" now up

  • I find this site a little difficult too, for instance, how do you see the whole idea post?

  • Oh my goodness! Incredible alitcre dude! Many thanks, However I am encountering troubles with your RSS. I donedt know why I can't subscribe to it. Is there anybody having identical RSS problems? Anybody who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  • It's good to get a fresh way of lokiong at it.

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