Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana

Every thirty-eight seconds, another person is arrested for marijuana type purposes. Most fail to see that this plant has many capabilities besides getting one high. In the past, humanity has used the hemp plant for paper, ethanol, and rope.. But because of big corporations in the early twenties, hemp was illegalized to save the profit being made from oil and trees.

If we were to use this plant once again, no doubt would it reduce our carbon footprint, as it is a fast growing plant, and we could easily mass-produce it, increasing our possible profit margins by a decent amount.

Now, if we were to go the whole ten yards, and legalize it and tax it, we could be looking at nearly 700 million dollars in revenue every year, -just- from marijuana sales.

Now, of course there would have to be an age limit on such a thing, and it could easily be set to 19.

Marijuana has proven to slow the growth of cancer cells, and helps cure glaucoma.

Think about it. One day, we could live off an environment that was completely green!



  • I vote yes because I feel this could help improve our economy with the projected revenue figures. When we already know other countries like Sri Lanka, they are legal and export for medicinal purposes. IF this does slow the growth of cancer cells then maybe if it is legal and society wants to smoke they will choose this over cigarette tobacco that is killing thousands just from second hand smoke. This is a plant that could be retailed like herbs currently are.

  • You're absolutely right, Cricket, thank you for your opinion!

  • Sorry but I object because I believe it may encourage more people to smoke marijuana for recreational reasons rather than for medical reasons, this is why I think it isn't legal in most countries at the moment. Although, for this to work and for me to agree with it more was if marijuana was only legal to be imported to doctors surgeries, hospitals, etc and can only be smoked with a medical professional there with the patient. You may think this is a bit extensive but if you come from an area where smoking marijuana is popular for recreational reasons you will know what extent some addicts and people who have been pressured will go to to get marijuana but this is just my opinion.

  • I object because I don't believe that simple legalization would work. Perhaps making it more tolerated (a very small amount, or maybe just one plant, for example). Flat-out legalizing a rather addictive substance to me seems far too extreme. Furthermore, I truly loathe mixing such a social issue with economics - seems utilitarian to me. Nevertheless, I do fully support its use in the medical domain as well as others. Just because it is a drug doesn't mean it should be ignored when it can obviously be useful for other purposes.

  • I agree with BethanyMegaaan and NewBobJ. Adding to what they wrote, flora store incoming carbon as their mass, the majority of cannabis will very likely be smoked, rereleasing all of the stored carbon, making cannabis a hopeless attempt to help with the carbon problem.

  • I object because there are too many idiots already on this drug, and to legalize it would only spread the stupidity.

  • I object because thereare many other plants that provide Hemp, for a starter, such as stinging nettles and rushes. Marijuana is illegal for a reason, and it seems to me like you are just trying to justify its use.

  • i think legalizing it is a good idea. but since our monetary system is completely corrupt that we should actually be getting rid of the money system. Therefore free weed!

  • I think we should outlaw ciggarettes and legalize weed. I personally only smoke ciggarettes when offered and only because im addicted...

  • well quit smoking it and make me a tee-shirt

  • um yeah ignore that comment i cant figure out how to remove it, as i read deeper into this i realized what it was about, i assumed something else like hemp shirts again my apologies

  • legalize it yes, but I'll be growing my own and I won't be paying tax for anything, no seed tax, no intellectual property theft bullshit, have an issue with me then you get god to tell me the going rates for UK Cheese, until the stock exchange is controlled in heaven I'll stick to my beliefs that cannabis is a gift from god not a privilege the so called government is letting me have.

  • Puritan comments on whether this harmless plant should or should not be legalized shows there is much ignorance over this subject. No one has ever died from smoking marijuana, it is not a gate way drug, hemp oil cures cancer and it is a God given gift to this planet. I feel it should be freely available to everyone, regardless if it's used recreationally or medicinally. Marijuana actually opens up pathways in the brain that makes it mind expanding and while it may not be for everyone, it's definitely not a choice anyone should dictate. Look at alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs, they cause more deaths and as a side effect, destroys the family unit. It's a fact that there is a political conspiracy that surrounds the legalization of marijuana, which is why there is never real serious debate on legalization. Follow the money trail and look at corporate interests and you will see why this most beneficial plant is not legal.

  • I object to the idiotic people that try to stereotype marijuana to stupidity and failure. How about two gold olympic medalist that have openly admitted to smoking marijuana. It didn't hinder their progress to being the best at what they do in the entire fucking world. Mr phelps is the man.

    People go on about it being a "gateway" which is a fallacy because tobacco and alcohol would be to but it just isn't a "gateway" because the other side says it isn't? So much stupidity on the side that dosen't even smoke the cannabis and thats the sad part.

    People on this planet are so easily lead like sheep they choose to follow bullshit answers rather than ever finding out for themselves what its really like.

    It just needs to be decriminalized at the very least. If not tobacco and alcohol should be illegal as well.

  • I agree that it should be legalised and taxed, but not without designating the use of these drugs as a mental disorder and implementing systems of mandatory treatment.

    This is a complex issue which I don't think is adequately summed up by the statements in the proposal.

  • I agree, because it should be the choice of a consenting adult whether or not they want to use marijuana, just like alcohol, without fear of being thrown in prison, losing your job, or being expelled from school. It is simple counter productive to penalize people for their own decision that affect no one else.

  • I love these arsielct. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

  • Your's is a point of view where real inlneligtece shines through.

  • Just do me a favor and keep wirntig such trenchant analyses, OK?

  • I object because smoking causes cancer. Marijuana is not as dangerous as tobacco, but that does not mean it is safe by any standard.

  • I vote yes. As a UK citizen, so called 'crime' generated from the distribution of cannabis would be avoided, It is also another way for the government to tax our asses off and control who where and when it is sold too and by. The work force needed for production would create more needed jobs for the people and also create new products available to the market i.e tea's, cakes, confectionary ect..

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