No Laws On Science.

As we all know, science has progressed greatly in the last few centuries. But, for over a millennium before hand the restrictions on scientific advancement and experimentation have been immense. Specifically the Catholic Church have put restrictions on the minds of scientists. Not until near their deaths would they release their most controversial works in fear that they could be put to death during their prime years as scientists. Imagine if there were never these restrictions throughout those centuries, how much more advanced our civilization would be. We could have perhaps been as advanced as we are now during the 1700's or even earlier. We could have even been closer to a global government as well.

Now a days these restrictions have been greatly relaxed. But due to politics, there are still many laws slowing scientific progress. I propose that a future global government should not regulate, restrict, or force any laws on scientific experimentation and progress. Foreseeing, the runaway effect of human atrocities, perhaps the only thing to be regulated should be experimentation on the masses. To clarify, lab experimentation would go completely unregulated, but using the planet and the whole of civilization as as a laboratory would not be allowed.

I foresee this would greatly increase our knowledge and technology. Allowing better life for all humans.



  • I object because at times it is necessary to have laws in science, for example if they started experimenting unknown vaccines on humans.

  • I object because science, if left unregulated, would create a huge amount of moral dillemas. The protections we have now, if anything, should be restricted even further. We're experimenting on nanotechnology, stealth suits, cloning, intelligent robotics, etc. A responsible government can NOT allow science to roam freely. Doing so would put man in the service of technology, whereas it is by many times preferable for it to be the other way around.

  • I object because the right to engage in debate and restructuring of the laws governing scientific research are my right and I don't feel like giving them up.
    Stem cell research could save untold millions from death and misery, but the moral issues surrounding their acquisition define our conscience as a species, draw in the most contraversial questions of religious faith and perhaps cause us to question our feeling that we are somehow more than just meat. Debate and Legislation in this area is critical.
    GM crops may save millions from starvation, but their impact on the environment may be devastating and we can't foresee how it will play out because it could take centuries. Without Laws regulating the research and trials, companies (Which are after all answerable to shareholders and not you or me) WILL push their need for profit over need for caution.
    Without legislation Science is a dark treasure chest where our worst behaviour and attitudes are exposed.

  • The paragon of unerdsatnding these issues is right here!

  • I object because there remain ethical considerations that stem from our environment and common humanity, outside of spurious religious belief. Many medical practices (vaccine testing was mentioned, but also vivisection, human genetic engineering, and GMOs in our food supply) have dire consequences for the well-being of the humans involved. Also, regulation at times helps moderate the pace of scientific experimentation, allowing all possible safeguards to be developed before, say, unleashing an ill-understood catastrophe on the planet. Perhaps it is simple fear mongering, but I would lean toward some oversight. Not much, but some.

  • The problem with science/scientists lately is they do not know self control. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should. (problematic idea)

  • science and spirituality were divided by religion centurys ago, until they come together as naturally they should, we will experience what we are experiencing, and the division of the human race will continue to be polarized.

  • All citizens are equal before the law. Also the scientists! Lets focus more on a democratically legimized legislation!

  • I object because ... -> see my already entered comment above ;-)

  • I object because I could drag anyone I want back to my "lab" to do anything I want with impunity.

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