Global Language?

Should there be a Global Language for uniform communication between all peoples. All other languages would be regional dialects.



  • While I've voted yes for this, I still think its important to remember that they've tried to implement a world language 'Esperanto' and that didn't work. Plus we naturally have a global internet language: English.

  • yea there is's ENGLISH stupid!!!!!!

  • no global demon cracy.....Your decption is exposed......

  • For many countries, their language is a large part of their culture. If the people from these countries want to use a more widely used language, they can learn a more widely used language. English is the most used language globally and is most likely what will want to learn. We don't need a new global language.

  • I object because I believe that every region should keep its language, but yet increase their intelligence levels by learning the languages of other regions.

  • As far as I know the majority of the countries in the world widely speak English although there are some countries who are truly just 'too poor' to pay for the education of its citizens and education includes the teaching of other languages (usually!). If we want everyone to speak English then we should donate this money to the countries without enough money to teach the English language, I would be more than happy to donate for this to happen but the question is, who else actually would? Native languages should still be used as it is a part of a country's culture but if all countries spoke English communication between countries would be a lot easier to gain.

  • I object because One should be able to speak whatever one wants..putting an global language into effect would technically take away ones freedom to speak native language

  • I agree, there should be a global language, that is more direct then english is. People in their communities can also speak their native tongues if they would like, but to communicate on a global level we need something that reflects every country

  • I think a global language is a good idea. But it would have to be a completely new one because forcing that kind of will on people would only cause problems. We could also revive a dead languagev and make it global. Latin would be a good choice.

  • but let us encourage the various languages to blossom and not lose sight of our past

  • I object because this global language, whichever it is, will eventually split into dialects and every efforts of propagating it will be useless. And before that it will probably damage local languages because youth will not be willing to speak useless regional language.

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