global moratorium and ban on dangerous strategic/tactical military weapons

Depleted uranium,white Phosphorus,cluster bombs,land mines,nuclear weapons,biological weapons,predator drones, are all a threat to innocent civilian populace whether deployed presently or not, and are all; as of presently; still part of the American arsenal.These weapons serve next to no real purpose outside killing and maiming primarily civilians and have no legitimate place in a civilized world.



  • lions and tigers and bears.......... oh my!!!!!!!

  • The best offence is a good defence.

    The majority of countries are too insecure to destroy their tools of destruction as there isn't any guaruntee the countries they're unfriendly with will do the same.

    What you want isn't likely to happen without global peace happening first.

  • Where there is life, there shall always be conflict.

  • No no no no. It's only if you have weapons of mass dtucrsteion and a crazy man running the country who might use them. So you see, we aren't at risk here. Wait. Ok, I guess maybe they CAN invade us.

  • Ab fab my godoly man.

  • Many many quality pitons there.

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