Plan for Space Colonization

Make a JFK style pledge that by 2023 we will have Human Bases on the Moon and Mars. Acomplish this by Mars Direct or similer mission designs

Fund bigger and more powerful missions to the Outerplanets. with KW size nuclear reactors (allowing for data transmition 1,000s times present capacities)

Begine mining asteroids by attaching NTR stages to icerich Asteroids capturing them and crashing them into a romote deseart for mining.



  • What is the effect on the earth's ozone layer of every rocket blast off ?

  • Different rockets use different fuels. The Space Shuttle and vehicles like it use Hydrogen and Oxygen a very clean burning fuel (now being proposed as a clean alternative fuel for cars) others use Methane Oxygen or Kerosene Oxygen. They would have no negative impact on the Ozone layer (that is caused by the chemicles in refridgerants) the only problem would be co2 and conventional air pollution. The 90 or so rocket launches per year would have alot less impact then say the million airplane flights per year. Assuming we mine asteroids we would have trillions of dollars to spend on enviromental programs. Also I'm not supporting vastly more rocket launches. This could all be done for less than 5 saturn V class rockets per year.

  • Fund it with the (former) military budgets! Yes!

  • By the way, these asteroids don't have to be smashed anywhere at all. Part of the draw for space mining is saving the trouble of getting the new resource up into orbit again, such as water in the form of ice. Just put the asteroids in orbit around the moon and process them there.

  • I object because "Nuclear" and "Mining" are primitive solutions and harmful for the environment. We should expect a lot of groundbreaking technoligies emerging in the near future that will help this primitve way of life to come to an end.

  • I object because we cant even live in harmony with other human beings right here right now. Until that happens, colonization elsewhere is foolish because our colony here on earth isnt fairing to well to date

  • Cut military spending drastically and use mosit it to fund the Space Program

  • Not a chance. It will cost a trillion dollars to get us to Mars by 2040. Development of NTRs basically has to be started over.

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