Happiness and Suffering

Today in modern life we are surrounded by suffering, depression and an overall sense of despair. While improving the living standard of the world will do a lot to remedy this and It should be our first priority even in the developed world there are still people with deep despair and unhappiness. In the Future I propose we do more Psychological studies to try and discover how to obtain a life of happiness well-being and purpose. We should then initiate programs to obtain this.



  • Good idea. Maybe those who are truely happy all the time should share their reasons for happiness with the readers. I know a couple who are always happy. They are strong in their beliefs and always go out of their way to help others.

  • Great idea. And very important. More than people realize.

  • How are you aware of all this surrounding suffering, depression and despair ? Have you centred yourself in this and presume others have done the same ?

  • unite them all.

  • Living around lakes{but not on ..YET]for the last ten yehsraas made me realize thatwater has moods ..andthat being around wateris integral to my ownhappiness. We are mostdefinitely going to retiresomeday on the water. Yourpics put me in the exactspot that you were tryingto convey: a peaceful one.Lovely, lovely, Patty!xx Suzanne

  • * To advance? We must regress. IMO. > Do NOT strive, for Ultimate, perfection, via (OUR) human standard? BE CLOSER TO NATURE > As it Was Intended from Creation...>humans have "sterilized" the world. Cast concrete over the soft, warm grasses, and fields ..where bare feet once trod. >Humans have drifted SO FAR, from a natural state of being, that we have collectively all but Extinguished, whatever redemptive light, burns within our souls. We seek escape..from this .plane. via substance, via, exclusive resort, or lavish meal and massage? This only compunds our true , trouble. A MAN, needs to be a MAN. A WOMAN, needs to follolw HER nature, and BE a Woman. >assume a likewise role in the community. Teach, provide, nurture, care for one another? *America, managed to commit genocide, on the one community who above all, knew the answers and PRACTICED accordance..The Native Americans...>So Sad. And NOW? when we most need their guidance, we have placed them in a position, of...vengeance , if you will. > The White's will fall, to the Casino's , and squander the world which we promoted as wise above all...ironic..isnt it? the liquor we once gave them, to intstall a demon, unto their community, will now be revisited upon US, in the form of avarice...Greed...is our own worst enemy. They will exploit that, and once again, dominate.

  • Impossible. the fundamental concept of this nation is our right to pursue happiness, thus indicating that happiness is not merely a state of being, but an effort by the individual to maintain and be awarded joy from life.

    For some, there will never be joy because either they're never going to actually pursue happiness in their lives, they're going to decide that their happiness is reliant on the actions of others, or they're going to pursue things that take the place of their happiness.

    All of which is their right to do so. While it would be nice to pretend that there is a solution to be found by a psychological study, in the end, we're never going to find any such solution because it doesn't exist because the timeless wisdom of old has always and will always hold true, happiness is our own decision in life. All we can truly do is provide the door so that people can actually have the freedom to pursue happiness, but we cannot force them through it, well, I suppose we could force them through a door that we think will make them happy, but then that would make us like today's liberals, and today's liberalism is not conducive to the freedom of Democracy.

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