Capital punishment

Death should be the penalty for the following crimes:

-Murder (In cold blood)




  • I think the penalty for rape should be getting raped in prison

  • not all is black or white. there are more colors. the rage is not the correct focusing

  • I object because not all is black or white

  • @unaiglm Could you give me an example of such a situation? Although, keep in mind that I only intend for this law to be a very rough outline. The actual law would certainly be refined.

  • aeternus btw ^

  • I object because of the following reasons:

    The state should not be given the power to murder.

    It is better for a guilty person not to be killed than an innocent person killed.

    The death penalty is an unnecessary act of barbarity. It doesn't solve problems, it merely seeks to appease some kind of bloody lust. The best way to eliminate crime is to eliminate poverty. Further to that people need to take responsibility for the attitude which permeate society. Children should learn to be peaceful and cooperative. (This is of course only a brief outline, you can see the kind of thing I'm getting at).

  • I object because at the very least, it is clear to me that it should not always be the penalty. A rapist or murderer should not by default die, though I know of rapists I've wanted to kill myself before without State intervention on account of certain female friends (two stories to that statement). But neither of them would have wanted the rapist dead, for what it's worth.

  • @Ferdob It is not the power to murder, it is the power to prevent future murders. There would have to be proof beyond reasonable doubt. Innocent people die all the time, often at the hands of the very people this law would target. The death penalty is not barbaric, though it is a little archaic. However, it works, it is an effective deterrent. It would bear some of the burden that prisons currently bear, and it is impossible to eliminate poverty. You can only change what the definition of poverty entails. Ex: Hut vs. trailer home. Yes, children should be taught to be peaceful and cooperative, but you can only do so much.

    @PeaceandRightsHawk No offense, but it's not about what the victims want, it's about what justice demands. The point is to eliminate the threat, to prevent the criminal from being a danger to society by the only truly permanent means at our disposal.

    The line between justice and revenge is thin and often shaky, but it is absolute.

  • aeternus again ^

  • I object because if they receive the death penalty, and then it is later found that they didn't commit the murder or the rape then there'd be no going back, and what would've happened is a serious injustice. Furthermore this idea does not consider what would happen to people in mental insanity while committing those crimes.

  • The objective is to rid the world of the threat they pose, whether they are sane or insane is irrelevant. Yes, it would be a serious injustice if someone innocent were convicted- but that would be rare, and better than having someone guilty walking the streets.


  • What about sagatory rape cases that involve a 16 year old and a 19 year old or whatever age they are, often times the younger one in this case lied so it would happen.

  • absolutlely, and no sitting on deathrow for 15+ years either, if your convicted, your life is over, no games no free time on everyone elses money.

  • I think people that kill might have a reason to kill... People who rape should also be killed...

  • I think that if someone is on trial for murder and they have a good excuse they should be let off and back into society...

  • I think we should get rid of government completely and just go back to governing ourselves...

  • We shouldnt kill a person that had to kill someone... Just someone that kills for no reason..

  • I object because the death penalty is immoral

  • I object because to many mistakes can be made

  • life is just a ride, we are all incarnate souls having a human experience, death is an illusion and life is a dream, bill hicks, educate yourselves, capital punishment is futile and unjust.

  • I object because capital punishment is apart of the old paradigm and for humanity to ascend we must remember to live in love and light, everything that happens is for a reason, we have all decided our life journeys before we incarnated into human vessels, our lessons are coming to a close, ascension is upon us, Selamat Gajun.

  • How many Death Row Inmates sentences have been commuted due to New Evidence? More than 1 and One is too many to take the responsibility of the death sentence being given justifiably. Life in Prison is a much more bitter punishment and reversible.

  • I object because above reason...I voted after my comment.

  • I object because death penalty is murder.

  • Sorry for the reply lag folks, I've been away.
    -GD000002194: I think you mean statutory rape, and that is problematic, but it's no reason to completely throw out the law. It should, however, be refined.
    -goodforthegreatermasses: Right on.
    -Anonymous1: Just because you have a reason doesn't make it right. Self-defense aside of course, but ultimately it is the government's duty to carry out punishment for a crime, not the individual citizen's.
    -Anonymous2: Ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa... Funny.
    -Anonymous3: Go live in a cave then, anarchist. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, as in: we the people, for all the posters state-side.
    -Anonymous4: Define HAD to.
    -Brett22: And you're naive.
    -Frankhey: Define too many.
    -ShiroGaijin: How is it unjust? How would it be futile? Expand, please. Well, love and light might be nice in theory, sir, but how many people can you honestly say have no darkness in them? You have to weed out the ones whose souls become too dark. Do I speak hippie well? I am trying.
    -Mari243: New evidence? Exactly, techniques have improved, and mistakes don't happen as often. Life in prison is also damned expensive. Labour camps? I can work with that. Not to sound too far left or right, or anything.
    -abhijay: That's kind of the point. Minus the "unlawful" part.

  • I object because we do not have the right to take another life, it makes murderers of us too.

  • 000002599: So you would rather the likely possibility that another innocent life be lost, at the true murderer's hands?

  • I object because I do not believe in the death penalty.

  • 000002599 was me btw, and I'd like to ask why you don't believe in the death penalty, firetly61.

  • I object because people change, situations change, pov change, and it's based only on rage

  • I object because there are more then 50 shades of grey my friend, pun intended

  • I disagree because killing the problem is escaping from the problem. Actually burying it. We should study what is wrong with the criminal and society around it. This will be the best way to revert problems and prevent problems.

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