Founding Laws That Can Never Be Appealed or Contradicted

Since the constiution of the United States was constructed we have seen countless times where "our representatives" have appealed laws that were for the good of mankind. Just recently President Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act. While i believe in detaining people accused of violent crimes against humanity, i cant condone the unlimited time range, in fact i condemn it. This not only is unconstitutional because it denies your right to a trial by jury of your peers, but it also contradicts miranda rights laws that say you have to give somebody the right to an attorney whether hired or appointed, and a phone call to an friend or family member. The time has come where we need to place into paper (implying our World Constitution) That our rights to free speech (on and off the internet) can NEVER be taken away. Our right to Bear arms, can never be challenged, etc. This deals with our founding laws and allows some of them to never be abridged. I think this is necessary because as we see now, they are starting to dwindle away beneath our feet. With more uncalled for regulations and laws we pass, our freedoms get stripped away even more. Its important to implement this idea because, it would make it impossible to do so ever again.



  • We have a right to do all things without being told that we do. It is the obligations that should be the focus. Obligations are created by laws. Laws are made for the benefit of the society. The reach of those laws will always be a matter of conflicting opinion, and no granting of rights can remove conflict from the process.

  • If we had this a few years earlier we would have never gotten rid of slavery

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