The Solar religion is the only one which allows the realization of the Kingdom of God

The Solar religion is the only one which allows the realization of the Kingdom of God

"At the heart of our inner life, at the centre of our concerns, we must place the universal principle which is the source of all religions – the sun – and immserse ourselves in the example it gives us each day. To bring light, warmth and life to all creatures without exception – this is the solar religion. Even before human beings appeared on earth, the sun was there, and it has been saying to them ever since: ‘Expand your consciousness, free yourselves from your narrow conceptions and do as I do: illuminate, warm, vivify and embrace the entire world with your intelligence and your love.’

The only true religion is the solar religion, which teaches us to become luminous, warm and life-giving. It teaches us to work to acquire the wisdom which clarifies and solves problems; the disinterested love which embellishes, encourages and consoles; and the subtle, spiritual life which renders us active, dynamic and bold so that we may realize the Kingdom of God and his Justice on earth. No one can fight this religion. Anyone who tries to go against it only diminishes and obscures his own inner life. "

"A religion is only true in so far as it resembles the solar religion. And the religion that Jesus brought was a solar religion, whatever Christians may say; they have not yet understood his teaching correctly. Yes, when Jesus says, for example, ‘Be perfect… as your heavenly Father is perfect’, how can we have any idea what divine perfection is like? Only by taking the sun as a model.

In order to become truly perfect, we should not even take saints or initiates as models, only the sun. Of course, initiates will give you the example of great virtues, but they know they are nothing compared to the sun. That is why they express themselves with humility; they defer to the sun as their example, for they know that whatever they may do, their light, warmth and life cannot compare to the light, warmth and life of the sun."

"In our Brotherhood, we live the great Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter as simply as we live the other days: we pray, meditate and sing. And even if we give special thought to the birth, death or resurrection of Christ, we do nothing exceptional. If this leaves some people dissatisfied, they are free to go and celebrate these festivals in their churches or their temples. Everyone must decide what form to give to his religious feelings, and he must allow others to do the same. The fact that they have different beliefs and rituals must never be a reason for people to attack each other. It is unwise to destroy the lives of others in the name of such and such a religious founder. Rather than provoking endless disorder and strife, people must embrace one another, help one another and fraternize with one another. In doing so they will demonstrate that they are followers of the one true religion, the universal religion of light and love, whose model is the sun. "

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov



  • Lot of smarts in that potisng!

  • I object because we are a diverse species with diverse beliefs. To embrace one belief (in this case a minority belief, which makes the proposal even less plausible), is to alienate the rest of the world. This forum looks for greater global cohesion, so secularism is the only way to go (secular = religion not involved at all).

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