Common Sense

Economics, personal finance, personal responsibility and current issues should be a mandatory class that all students must pass. In order to fix the growing epidemic of a ignorant youth.



  • I agree with you but a better idea would be to teach them how to gain this knowledge on their own. That way they stay current after they leave school.

  • Deadly accurate asnewr. You've hit the bullseye!

  • That will never happen so long as the left wing dominates education because close your eyes or no, whatever harms society helps the left in both power and wealth.

  • The syllabus must help. But then, ignorant youths are ignorant. There are plenty of hard rocks who can't be solved simply by education. And this would burden the students as they might not be interested, or able to handle them all.

  • As an educator, I wholeheartedly agree that there is a definite lack of common sense prevalent among young students. A mandatory class in common sense and life skills should be mandatory in all high schools and colleges,

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