Proper Government

The government should be the voice of the people and improving the life of the people. Specializing in infrastructure such as transportation (electromagnetic rail(maglev) connecting all 50 states for example), education and space exploration.



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  • Fix the back yard before spending more money on space. Agree the purpose of a government should be analysd every now and then to make sure they are doing what they are meant to be.

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  • government shouldnt be paid individuals, they should be volunteers (countrymen) that are the voice of the people, because then it doesnt become a job but a passionate hobby to represent the people in your district or state. I agree we should fix our energy problems first and decontaminate our bodies of water before we go further into space exploration, but thats only because our backyard is closer then space is. We still need to observe action in space though so as to track anomalies that may be getting closer, and to make sure our planet isnt in harms way. I like the idea of standardized education just because it ensures that every child is learning the same thing no matter their location. However, the standards should be risen just a little bit, and we need to resurrect art as an important class to be taken as seriously as any other usually is. We should allocate some more money to gym classes and health classes for better funding in order to be able to give the teachers the tools needed to effectively guide our children to healthy lifestyles. And yes the electromagnetic rail would decrease time in transporting goods, but also create jobs for the reconstruction of Americas Railroads. Great idea

  • Government needs to be of the people by the people and for the people! To insure the rights governments are instituted on men... Governments are more than just taxes, there our future in Space (NASA), our scientist and our researchers (NSF), the schools and teachers (Dept Edu), th highways and roads, the policemen, the ect. Governments need to focus on what they need to do. Fight Poverty and Make peace and all the other things I mentioned. But it has been mest up with people who buy politicians for there own greedy profit. We need Direct Democracy like in pre Stalin USSR or Revolutionary America. We need congress to be of actual people. Housewives, Scientists, Office workers, Factory workers, librarians ect. And we need referendum and public opinion like this site.

  • than make them leagally responsible for what they do and don't do

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  • I believe that we should have one government that controls everything and that the world is not defined by imaginary lines that separate us people. We should be one, with ourselves and the planet and embrace what the Universe has for us.


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