should we stop having three religions, and start having a universal one

Centuries ago, people were searching for what can heal them, throughout time philosophies emerged and testaments were sent and though people deny it, and still.

After that GOD sent us Holy Books by Messengers to look and hear and learn from them , and we still have atheists.

After the death of each prophet - or sometimes killing him - ,

Who speaks by the BIBLE or TAWRAAH or ZABOR started manipulating people mind to get rich and changed the house of worship into banks, and started to find a legal way to persuade troops to invade and kill innocent.

I want really to filter some books, editions, versions, or anything else that we know it was written by somebody - whomever the somebody , a king, or a Shepherd -

ALL i want is the real text, sent by GOD to us , after that we will unite and start follow the real universal Religion.

There is ONLY one book with no mistakes, no editions, no new versions, nothing added, nothing subtracted, no spelling or proof mistakes, no structure mistakes, universal for everyone and for every time, not written by somebody or reviewed by somebody else.

It is time now to change to emerge to think to convert to upgrade ourselves.

It is the TIME for ISLAM.



  • after answers we all have to realice that we are not the autors of our own lifes

  • I think your intent is excellent. However I cannot vote for it because it is unreasonable to expect people, who have built lives around their versions of religion, to suddenly adopt a new one. I think we have to learn to be tolerant and respectful of other's choices. There are many good Jews, Christians and Catholics (leaving out others for the sake of argument) who are ashamed of the acts of their people in the past, but proud of what their religion means to them moving forward. To declare "It is TIME for ISLAM" suggests intolerance, which breeds violence and all sorts of harm that Islam should try to avoid.

  • You make no sense, the censoring is what got you here in the first place. GOD does need books to give you a message. If GOD did exist then he could give you any message he wanted right to your brain. But he does not because "He" is a work of fiction. Grow up and stop believing fairytales. If GOD loved you he would not allow a world of such filth to exist.

  • Really ISLAM you guys cannot even agree on what version is real. nothing was written when your profit was alive so it is all here say. Sickening thought process, it because of people like you that we have borders

  • I object because each individual has the right to choose their own faith

  • I thing Religions are a part of people's life and don't have to be violent.

  • I object because
    I think Religions are a part of people's life and don't have to be violent and I have my view on Religion's and I don't force it onto other If some one ask's I'll tell them what I belive and let them make a choice for them selves!

  • Don't wanna look like a racist, but starting uniting people start with uniting the beliefs, that's it.
    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  • by the way... there is no god. it's just something people made up, like the tooth fairy.

  • hey AustinGMackell, about your point ,, being an atheist ,, you should be shame of your self , and further more people just like you, because not believing in such an OBVIOUS thing,, didn't you ask WHO lifted the skies ? WHO created us humans from soil ? WHO created demons from fire ? WHO will torture demons created from fire in HELL ? WHO created fetus in the mother womb ? WHO named it before it is even created ? didn't you atheists ask WHO created you weak then youth then strong then weak then die then decay then after that alive again, I don't know WHO you even think if you deny that kind of FACT.
    You said before that you object because religion and politics should not mix,, what religion from your point of view should not mix , if you atheist say there is no GOD,


  • Each to their own on religion but I must say there are a lot of people who believe it's 2012 AD.

  • @ Austin can you prove there is no tooth fairy? Da da... There must be a god. No, wait... I am confused. What about the Easter bunny? He has to be real...

    Funny and sad how atheism angers religious people yet atheists tolerate religion happily.

  • @ 000001041 " Funny and sad how atheism angers religious people yet atheists tolerate religion happily."


  • Most Atheists (Anti-Theists is the correct term a lot of the time) will tolerate religion. But when they are forced into an argument, like Anonymous did up there with his very intelligent grammar and use of capitals, they are being drawn into an argument, and it is the religious person who is doing the attacking.

    Um bye the way Theistic Anonymous, The sky was never 'on the ground' for it to be lifted, it was an atmosphere that formed when the Earth was slowly forming over millions of years. Humans were not created from soil as such. Amino acids that had been forming for millennia from the fire of volcanoes on the surface started to react and form newer complex lifeforms. (Atheists or Anti-Theists please let me know if I'm getting this wrong). Please show me a demon that WHO created. And uh I don't know if you know how a baby is formed, but a mommy has an egg, and a daddy has lots and lots of sperm. When daddy puts his penis in mommy's vagina, his penis sneezes something called semen, which is a combination of sperm and other fluids, the egg and sperm meet, and the cells begin duplicating and multiplying and creating the fetus. Please tell me what you are referring to when you mean 'named it before it was created'. And age isn't exactly a god given privilege, it is the natural progression of life. Similar to electronics. When they start out they have a lot of bugs in their software (weak and young), those bugs then get ironed out and they run faster (young and strong), but then slowly they begin to get dropped, or damaged, wires may get loose, software might start overloading the power outlet, and the electronic device eventually 'dies'. If that is true with everything else in existence that doesn't really say that god did that for us. Most of what you said wasn't really fact, and you're kind of just relentlessly attacking Austin because he doesn't believe what you believe. Progressive.

  • Personally, I do not think this will happen, or should. I am a jew who is dating a catholic. Both she and I have our religions, and honor them. I won't change her, and she won't change me, and we are still happy together. Tolerance and acceptance is the key.

  • I object because I'm an atheist and there is absolutely no evidence to support the notion of a God existing.

  • واذا تحدث السفهاء


  • Ah, no. This isn't the NWO. Most of the people on this website do know of the conspiracy. This is a forum for exchanging ideas on how to improve the world, in a similar way that the Egyptian rebels and Libyan revolutionaries planned their rallies. This is not a Totalitarian government.

  • I personally do not like this idea. Religion is a personal matter between a person and what said person holds to be divine. My choice of worshiping Mercury is mine alone, just like a Vaishnav worshiping Vishnu or a Christian with Jesus or an Atheist who just wants freedom from religion. What should be supported is Freedom of Religion.

  • I object because: Read my response above, I don't think my vote went through when I posted my response.

  • I object because let people beleive what they want to as long as they know every one has the same rights and freedoms.

  • I object because your presenting religion as a good and promoting it when it is known to be used for attrocities.

  • I object because I am an atheist and I think that religion causes more harm to the world than good.

  • I object because religion is just another control system. I think people should be allowed to explore their own spirituality and not have one thrust upon them. They can even choose to not have any spirituality should they desire.

  • I object because no matter how much you stress a certain belief, not everyone will follow it. personally I am a Christian, though I dont really consider my self to be really religiously strict.... anyway, I could go on. but my point being, you need to accept that no matter how much things are stressed - there will always be people against it. in fact stressing an opinion/faith/religion can actually make people LESS likely to change their opinion.

    Peoples opinions will not change, regardless of how you push them - unless they want to

    Also, about what '000001170' says above my comment religion should not be a control system, that's why I'm a pentecostal Christian. - its nice not to HAVE to do anything, and everything is optional, if you go to the right church that is.... (yes, we persuade you, but we don't FORCE you, unlike some denominations) anyway, I'll end my post. apologies for my digression.

  • I do not disagree! I object because i am
    just trying to emphasize the idea of the proposal ​​"Transparency of operation at Global Democracy" to solve the problem of putting ideas to compete, doing so would remove the other important ideas when in fact all ideas should be important, but with a different order, in fact I have the same ideology you do, but your idea will become a victim of the voting system as it is being at this time. with the difference that I give you a true explanation of the reason, And I'll show you the problem I am posting at GD / POW:

    I would be pleased if you read all the text as it is a solution of a problem. Thanks!

    In order to integrate the ideas that all add, why not add the possibility that these proposals could invite another proposal to be part of that proposal as part of the points of this proposal, and the opposite.and that the invitation allows a dialogue between those involved so that they can agree and share votes as a group because they have the same type of nature but in different order, but keeping individual votes, to highlight its importance rather than compete with each other.

    The fact that ideas compete for importance only have the results of separate them, when in fact all our ideas are important and only need a place to match in order.

    These invitations should have a voting options by those involved in a chain of ideas only to indicate whether they agree or disagree with this union of ideas, and a dialog box to discuss the reasons why agree or disagree, to prevent a person takes possession of the ideas they proposed, but does not belong to him.

    And this can be done from one idea to another causing a chain of ideas that highlighting the order of the ideas of the same nature by the order on the chain and the most urgent by the votes of an idea on a chain of ideas. on the same order by votes.
    To get the Human Integration!

    Allow to send personal messages to members. and to list the people with whom we can discuss ideas.

  • I object because religions are a scourge

  • Yes... it seems that as religious philosophies develop to certain points, they begin to morph into power structures with priorities centered on propagating thier power and influence to the benefit of a few, and at great cost to the many.

  • Put all your beliefs into harmony with science; there can be no opposition, for truth is one. When religion, shorn of its superstitions, traditions, and unintelligent dogmas, shows its conformity with science, then will there be a great unifying, cleansing force in the world which will sweep before it all wars, disagreements, discords and struggles--and then will mankind be united in the power of the Love of God.
    - Bahá'í Faith

    The problem with all belief is that it is not testable, that it does not rest on evidence. Thus there is hardly a way to establish one faith over another without using force or marginalizing others unjustly. Because of this, the only way to eliminate religious conflict and disunity is for faith to be practiced -only- in the private realm. Faith is a personal thing afterall.

    There is only one method to reliably arrive at knowledge, and it does not involve god.

  • I object because there are far more than three religions, and many already claim to be the sole purveyors of universal truth. Further, many find meaning -and indeed truth- without any religion. This idea is divisive, sectarian junk.

  • I object because it is ridiculous. For one thing, there are a lot of books that haven't come out as new editions, and very few that have. We don't worship War and Peace, so the argument is moot.

  • I object because religion is the source of global conflict.

  • I object because there is no need for a 'universal' religion. Also, it is impossible to have one. Religions contradict each other and no one can agree on anything. Who would let go of their current religion and get a new one that is different from what they learned? Plus, we don't need religion.

  • I have nothing more to add, Rachie and 000001170 covered my thoughts on this.

  • I object because Religion is a very personal thing. Having a Universal religion is even worse than having a handful because it forces people to convert from their own religion.

    How would we even decide what religion to become Universal? Who are you or I to say?

    I believe the key to a better future lies in better understanding and appreciating the differences AND similarities between the worlds different religion. We must also teach our younger generation that religion is about the freedom of choice, and that no one choice is wrong.

  • I object because thats like saying there should only be vanilla icecream to make things orderly

  • I object because it should not matter what religion you are, if your religion teaches good morals and not to harm other people i see no sense in trying to strip it from people. Its the radicals with every religion that give it a bad name Christians, Muslims, we all have good people within a religion and bad.

  • i think people should be taught to beleive in the central teachings of their religion a.k.a love one another. Dont get attached with Muslim, Christian or that sort of thing because they have their diffrences but the core message is the same and their leaders are questionable. When you meet an individual do not judge by what they say they believe or what church they belong to, but by their actions. Christians kill all the time and so do Muslims, those who believe God is love don`t. You dont need a religion to tell you whats wrong and whats right, its that association with diffrent groups that causes religious issues

  • I object because religion is a choice of the free man, which we should be.

  • poor isla. bloody isla. the worshiping of a moon. All your wars against Israel LOST. You moon worshippers, even when superiority on the military LOST a war in six days!! :P where was your little idol ha? your useless little idol you call "alah" or "god". GET A GRIP. The quram is a distorted, dishonest copy of Biblical parts, full of "gods" behaviors that in no way is the personality of the Truly God, the creator of heavens and earth. God has chosen the Jewish people as His. they are His guests on His land. He made himself flesh to DIE for mankind's sin. REPENT and TURN AWAY from your sins. No liars, no homossexuals, no thieves, no adulterers, murders (and the list go on) will no inherit God's Kingdom. Repent, Trust in JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD the ONLY WAY to inherit everlasting life. The only way to live this life on earth in abundantly way.

  • where has your moon idol been all these decades? didn't save your to be miserably BEATEN by Israel ha? where WAS HE? sleeping? walking in the park?

  • I object because it would be like the crusades

  • I object because organized religion is part of the planets problem in any sense.

  • Banning religions restricts personal freedom. Freedoms of belief are crucial.

  • I object because Everybody has the right to there own bealif

  • I object because we have hundreds of religions, not three. Furthermore, you don't make much sense.

  • Object. Your premise is that there are many faiths but that yours must be the true one? The other two alternatives are that the your faith is not the true one and another one is, as well as the option that none of the world religions are true.

    I was indoctrinated into the rc church as a baby. Much like Islam and other faiths major voodoo against even contemplating that some other god exists or even that there is no god. It was like having my own Mullah inside my head.

    Free yourself my friend. You are free to look at questions which were answered for you as a child. There may be religous law against such perceived blasphemous thoughts but the punishment is a sick illusion created by man in his infancy.

  • ALLAH is not thier to please us lol he rerodws us for worshiping him, you can ask and ask, but if you really think about it you dont get anything for free, you want to be happy one thing can make you happy i garanty it, see this world as worth nothing but a sheet of paper you need to get an A on, you know the feeling when you get an F your hole day feels like shit, and when you get an A your day is great, peace out, smile its not hard sadness is a feeling the shatan knows lol sorry for the paragraphVA:F [1.9.20_1166]

  • I'm actually not going to have a widdeng..I'll go party with friends somewhere in this damned country(any suggestions?) and then I'll head to Egypt =)I don't really care about the type of marriage and wouldn't mind a civil marriage but the groom is a spiritual person and would appreciate a katb ktab . Which is fine by me since we're going to plan everything else separately(wills and stuff like that)VN:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait...VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

  • isam..yeah it's weird!! young guys might say horrible words but they rleary approach men b3eed la b3eed (ofcourse there are exceptions!!)old men!!! they are disgusting!! w bala 7aya!!! maybe they think they're older or something so they can do this :Stooka i swear i expected this reaction when i posted the post and read it!!! don't worry the man between the parentheses is the harasser..not all men mnee7 heik?:PVA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait...VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

  • ...seriously?
    I am Moslem, and I object this. A universal religion? ONE religion? You're oppressing other religions, man.
    Give freedom of religion to everyone. If Allah wants every human on Earth to be Moslem, Allah will make it happens. See the reality, man. Why do you think Allah creates us differently?

  • Islam isn't a universal religion any more than Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism or any other religion is. Your argument makes no sense, and is blinkered by dogmatic and zealous thought processes. It also includes an inherent contradiction about the wish to find a holy book completely free from editions and review, yet you wish to filter through books and editions till you find the original message. Who do you propose to take that job?

    Furthermore, your use of sentence structure is appalling. You also state that we still have atheists after the holy books were sent, but you give no indication why that is a bad thing, which it necessarily seems to be if you take into account your bombastic view and argument. For me, this is horrendous and you should take some time to learn a more tolerant and accepting approach.

  • I object because that is the same view missionaries from all religions will give.. instead of arguing over which one is right, why don't we unite over the similarities.. that is the mystic approach as they lead progression in various religions.

  • I object because i would prefer 7,267,502,800 religions than just one....

  • I object because everybody has completely different beliefs and they should be entitled to that as individuals.

  • I object because what a ludicrous thing to say. If it is written by man then it has many mistakes. All religion is a tool to oppress, rule and control people, particularly women.

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