Cancer cure.

It quite obvious that cancer already has a potential cure, right?(Google: cancer cure dichloroacetate)

Now if this cure was oficial its probable that large industry of cancer wud suffer tremendously, but who cares ? Especially when there are lives at stake.

The idea is simple put pressure on governments to fund more research on this issue.

But then, again we got organise this Global democracy more we need authority over the government to do what is right, regardless of the cancer industry wants.

And so to make this and any other idea here at global democracy really happen, it all goes back to my other previous idea.

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  • Reading about dichloroacetic acid I find it has potential to be very helpful with the war against cancer.

    All medicines take a long time to be publically available because of safety reasons, they need to be thoroughly tested to make sure they do what they want them to do and are safe for us to use.

    I agree governments should push this forward.

  • I object because Cancer is similar to the cold, in that there will never be THE cure. There are hundreds of types of cancer, and hundreds of different cures, which work to varying degrees of success, depending on cancer type, how far along it is, and each individual. Saying that the cancer industry is witholding a cure is, to be honest, ignorant.

  • Cannibis oil also cures Cancer but is illegal due to 'big Pharma.

  • I relaly needed to find this info, thank God!

  • I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enlihatlrng!

  • A little rationality lifts the qauilty of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!

  • Keep these articles coming as they've oepned many new doors for me.

  • Many cancers, many cures. Cansema cures skin cancer but you can't get that either, it's illegal despite people still making and selling it. All the bad press surrounding it is created by big pharmaceutical companies who can't make money from it (you can make it at home). It's not carcinogenic and works amazingly well! I agree more funding should be put into this but prevention should be part of the research too. Hormone based cancers (prostate, breast, etc.) can be drastically improved by the elimination of dairy from the diet. I'll go a yes on this one because you have to start somewhere.

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