Global Democracy by Law.

The idea is we use Global Democracy network to offer solutions, ideas and improvements to society then gauge what people really want and enforce the outcome with a law which gives us authority over the government.

Here is how I think we could get it going:

We begin by donating as much as we can and demand work on spreading the word even more all over the world and to kinda get the snow ball roling, get it ?

Get activists and good politicians aware of the idea.

Make contact with artist who could help spread the word too.

And etc....

Here is how I see it at work:

Someone logs in to Global Democracy network.

Enter his/her idea or solution.

Peoples like and vote.

Then we all add to it and perfect it.

Pass it on to governing bodies.

And then they have a dead line to accomplish it, no matter the cost or the interests of corporations, governments, religious groups or elites as longs as this is what the people want.

My rationale is that we are the majority of the world and we weight much heavier on the scale of economy if there are no worker to dig, use or buy the oil, then oil is worth nothing without the worker/people, therefore the people is more important and valuable than oil/money and since the people out number the elite/money it means the people must be the authority and things should be done for the benefit and betterment of people and its the people who should decide what is for their benefit and betterment not the elites.

The idea is still rough so add ur input...



  • Nothing good comes from forcing people to do what they don't want to do.

    A global authority is a nice idea that wouldn't be allowed while the majority of countries are too insecure to allow their independence to be lost and while they are too untrusting of other countries.

    This could happen after many other ideas have been used to make the world a more peaceful place, until then it is unfeasible.

  • I like your intention. It needs expanding in my opinion but we need to ensure that your voice is heard by GD and acted on internally. There are many ways to promote GD. Have you heard back from the Global Democracy team regarding your idea? I am about to propose that the management process, which as your proposal suggests you would like to take part in, is opened to all. The whole process must be democratised!

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