Global Democracy by Law.

The idea is we use Global Democracy network to offer solutions, ideas and improvements to society then gauge what people really want and enforce the outcome with a law which gives us authority over the government.

Here is how I think we could get it going:

We begin by donating as much as we can and demand work on spreading the word even more all over the world and to kinda get the snow ball roling, get it ?

Get activists and good politicians aware of the idea.

Make contact with artist who could help spread the word too.

And etc....

Here is how I see it at work:

Someone logs in to Global Democracy network.

Enter his/her idea or solution.

Peoples like and vote.

Then we all add to it and perfect it.

Pass it on to governing bodies.

And then they have a dead line to accomplish it, no matter the cost or the interests of corporations, governments, religious groups or elites as longs as this is what the people want.

My rationale is that we are the majority of the world and we weight much heavier on the scale of economy if there are no worker to dig, use or buy the oil, then oil is worth nothing without the worker/people, therefore the people is more important and valuable than oil/money and since the people out number the elite/money it means the people must be the authority and things should be done for the benefit and betterment of people and its the people who should decide what is for their benefit and betterment not the elites.

The idea is still rough so add ur input...



  • What you have suggested is essentially what this site is all about. Good thinking!

  • I agree with above. But there is a point MauroBorges is making: the decisions made with global democracy be implemented BY LAW. Not by will of politicians.

  • Ye. Agreed. Aftr all who guarentee the ideas created here will become a reality ? A law certainly wud buoy.. Good one mate..

  • GEEEENIUS ... but resumin id say he ment, to b more precise ......LEGAL AUTHORITY......... to Global Democracy.

  • I will try to make it a bit more clear but language is a bit of a barrier:

  • Simply put the idea is: GIVE POW LEGAL AUTHORITY to have LEGAL POWER OVER THE GOVERNMENT and through this site we get to know what people want(which is obviously the purpose of the site) but once things are decided we have LEGAL AUTHORITY OVER THE GOVERNMENT to ensure our ideas are implemented.

  • See, I just think the idea behind this website is genius. By listening to what people really want and taking in solutions to that problem and have it all mixed discussed and voted in an open website is genius(the best idea so far), but then think for a moment, for example, what if we decide that we want the end of government lobby(as proposed by DeepakChopra himself, which is awesome idea), still it wud take huge amount of effort and money to influence politicians to do it, maybe even protests and etc, now if we focused on becoming an INTERNATIONAL LEGAL AUTHORITY, which wud b hard obviuosly, but not impossible, then we wud be in a position where politicians, for once and for ever will hv to do what people want.

  • I mean imagine if POW had the same or more power than UN. How much great things could be acconplished. This is what i mean, turn POW into an INTERNATIONAL SORT OF GOVERNMENT controled by real people. We cud hunger, end lobby, end NDAA, end distruction of forests, push liquid fluoride thorium power plants forward all this ideas and more cud be put forward much more efficiently and faster.

  • note: im not saying UN doesnt work, it does, but it still has self interests, besides have you ever had a chance to give and hv your idea considered by UN, have we any control over UN ? LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE OF WHAT THE IDEA OF GIVING POW LEGAL POWER OR LEGAL AUTHORITY INTERNATIONALLY CUD MEAN. as long as it is really controled by Peoples Of the World.

  • I object because you would need to make sure the majority of people affected by a law will be able to vote on a particular solution. This site cannot do this, and will never be so popular as to be able to do this in the future. It can therefore only ever be a guide for decision makers as to what people might want. That's not to say it's pointless. The internet should be used for this purpose.

  • It is essencially obvious that if such idea ever came to fruition, we would be required to make sure greatest amount of World Citizens could vote. Thats the point of the site, being democratic...

  • A website such as this has great potential given right attention, moreover, coupled with facebook and other social media this site can reach millions of people, facebook alone has over 500million user and it only started in 2004, how will it be in 10, 20 years ?

  • The internet has being developed for use in military fields. If it was of no important purpose, it wouldnt have had its use focused on military primarily.

  • If POW proposed a law for every government to end hunger and poverty, do you think any of the affected people would object ?

  • I also believe people in middle east did not get a chance to vote on whether they wanted or not to be invaded by US ARMY.

  • I like your voracious appetite for democracy! Remember though that democracy is many things. A community in China will vote for their representative in government. A law passed by the US congress will not have been decided by everybody affected, but by a few in Washington. Maybe democracy in all decisions can't be absolute, or governments wouldn't function. Imagine asking everybody affected what they thought before making a decision affecting them. I guess everything would grind to a halt. Austin McKell submitted an idea earlier that suggested we could work on an absolute democracy with technical advances. He is a few hundred years ahead of his time, I think. The main thing is that people choose who can make decisions for them, that there are facilities to let them know what people want, and that people assist them by coming up with good solutions.

  • Representatives would still be voted for everywhere, but note, representatives not leaders.

  • Laws that affect the world as whole would not be decided in US. But in the World. By the way for the past, I dont know, decades, many things that affected world have been decided without peoples vote or even knowledge. Eg. Us goverment passed th NDAA thing and many people in US still dont about that. Now if POW gathered INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL POWER and became respected AUTHORITY, then we could have LEGAL POWER to aware people in US and assist them in pushing their goverment to scrap the idea.

  • Obviously if thats what the people of US wanted and that could be gauged by means of an online local voting and awareness campaingn.

  • Yeah! One of the things this site could potentially do is to enable people to gather political power by democratic discussion and voting on each others ideas, and you are on the right track to be excited about this concept I think.

  • Nothing good comes from forcing people to do what they don't want to do.

    A global authority is a nice idea that wouldn't be allowed while the majority of countries are too insecure to allow their independence to be lost and while they are too untrusting of other countries.

    This could happen after many other ideas have been used to make the world a more peaceful place, until then it is unfeasible.

  • Im not gonna vote on this today (i like the concepts) but imagine todays leaders (ALL) accounted to this site, they all represent thier Jurisdiction, then residents from that region review and vote apon an idea, bill or legilations (by clicking their local reps or states) through a site like this.
    If a registrated voter was able to vote online (making voting easier and less time consuming)(and saving gas), MANY MORE people would be voting today, more educated and involved. A working voting reform!? who do we fund to make this happen<!

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