Security is a necessity, a must

I like the principles over which the "Constitution of the Democracy of the Peoples of the World" is based:

FREEDOM, EQUALITY and SECURITY, Security being a very important point in a progressive society. Our world cannot find its way because there's no security for the single individuum --- as well as for large groups of people. Establishing an economic security in the society should be the very first goal of all governments. This element has a significant impact on social relations and on the development of ethical behavior, showing a direct effect on the lifestyle and quality of living .



  • Vulpio I agree with what you say. That is the role of governments. It is not often recognized, as we look to governments to provide more. That is their proper role, and an observation that is worth making. Security brings with it many things, I think too.

  • provide all these things we just have to learn to use 'em

  • Wonderful Idea, but how can we put it to work, this is the real problem, i think we should build up first unions like the European one, everywhere, then starting to unite the unions.
    from now, 100 years minimum.

  • Security wouldn't be a problem if there was equality.

  • "Security" is not a right. Rights are personal, like life and liberty. "Security" sounds too much like a police state. Security is inherent in a society where people can take care of themselves! They do not need a nanny state government to do it for them.

  • I object because security will be the natural result, not the organizing principle, of a progressive society which strives to give equal consideration to the needs of all people, not just the few.

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