Acknowledging Animals

At the moment, law making is by reference only to the best interests of people. I would like to see our constitutions and governments formally acknowledge our responsibility to other species as well.

The POW constitution, for example, provides the moral framework for this site. It is premised on all people’s presumed desires for freedom, security and equality. But with people having power over the whole environment, shouldn’t the constitution, particularly in the case of a world government (notional though this one is) include something like - “To the extent that the rights of people are not compromised, the rights of freedom and security extend to all animals”?

In a future world that contained this kind of recognition, governments could or should have a department dealing specifically with the advancement of the freedom and security of animals.



  • On a TV program last night called "Dateline" there was a horrific story on Cameroon's illegal trade in gorilla and chimpanzee meat which was significant;y reducing their populations.

    Agree with 000000002 on this.

  • I hope and believe that species from other galaxies have adopted the same responsibility towards our planet and others . It is the basis of an evolved society.

  • I agree completely. Animals, as well as all other life on this planet, have been here much longer then humans. They should have equal or even more rights then humans.

  • Great common sense here. Wish I'd thhgout of that.

  • That's going to make things a lot easeir from here on out.

  • I agree, and suggest that anyone concerned with the idea of animal rights should watch "Earthlings", on youtube. Be warned however, this may be the most graphic video on the subject of animal abuse that you will probably ever see.

  • all animals should be protected

  • I was going to down vote this until I read 'to the extent that the rights of people are not compromised'. Thank you for being reasonable.

  • Depends. How it will be?
    There is people in some coutris that expend more with their pets tham helping another humans.
    They are only solving the miss of a person whit an animal, while there is actualy persons ding without reçources.

    BTW I like see in coustitution rigths to the nature and animals in wild. But if we will make shelters to abandoned animals while there is street people without shelters I gess this is some thing very wrong.

    If we want a global democracy we need to think global

  • I object because animals are a God given resource to be managed. We shouldn't be purposefully unkind but nor can we give animals the same rights as people.

  • Agree.
    It is up to the people to protect Animals and give them a voice.
    The economy is a large problem here as animals can only contribute by dying and giving themselves as food or standing in a cage where people pay to see or towing a cart.

  • Unless you feed someone, stand in a cage and look pretty or tow a cart there is little way that animals can really take part in the economy.
    It’s up to us to speak for them.
    So far the federal reserve is keeping the human race drunk on money enough that most of us have little care.
    Walk through your local shopping centre and look into the eyes of people.
    Most are like zombies, they have reached there full mental capacity watching sitcoms, earning minimum wage, eating crap food, and living meaningless lives.
    We should take care of animals and the earth.

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