Alternative Education Opportunities

I think that since every single person learns differently, there can't be a perfect school system in which every person learns what they need to. Sure, there will be imperfect teachers, bad situations at home, etc., but a lot of the time it's because the kids don't learn very well in a classroom environment. I have seen geniuses throw their lives away because of the fact that they have to spend time in school to prove their smarts.

For this reason, I think there should be alternative commons for learning so that students can learn the way that they need to. We could keep the tests the same for the kids in school as for the kids learning from their needed methods (not sure what they are, but can be discussed below) in order to stay consistent with the kids that are in school.



  • Home learning exists for this and is something that should be done more often when needed.

  • Schools should still be funded non profitable or by taxes but they need to be where kids can express there creativity and want to learn. Where science and math are thought for the kids desire instead of forced down. No tests, No grades, No punishment for not doing this or that Just Learning, Fun and Happiness. Play and Living should not be separated in my opinion (especially at childhood)

  • I disagree with home learning because at school we are not only getting an education we are learning to interact with other males and females, I would not like to see my children stuck in front of a computer screen for hours at a time with no human contact. Changing the learning methods to benefit each person in how they learn is the answer. For example I am a visual learner and have difficulty reading a text book and staying motivated! Bring on the colourful diagrams and images. Lets cater to each students learning abilities and challenge their thought and creativity. Also teach relevant information - Human Rights should be a compulsory subject in high school. Knowledge is power!

  • Good to find an expert who knows what he's tainklg about!

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  • You've really captured all the esnsetials in this subject area, haven't you?

  • I love this idea! I think it's really important that students have a say in their learning and are able to have many resources to learning-people learn in different ways. Some people learn better on their own, while others learn better in groups. Fantastic idea-totally with it. :)

  • In some cases I believe that schools should offer vocational training after a certain age rather than expecting all children to go down the same academic route to help tailor their own learning to what they wish to achieve as an extension of this idea.

  • Check out Ken Robinson for his thoughts on this - fantastic author, academic and speaker. He says our systems made sense in the industrial era when they were created but not so much now. Ever shifting ways of life mean we truly do need our children’s education to change, particular if they’re going to be facing challenges we haven’t yet experienced as profoundly as they are likely to from global warming and growing populations and so on. I’m relatively new to considering this topic but with a young child now I do think about how her creativity can be nurtured and what type of school is most likely to support her in this manner. I personally would love to see the arts and broader not centrally westernised history play more prominent positions in schooling. They play such vital roles in helping you learn who you are and where you’re going.

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