Stop Deforestation Immediately

Corporations should not be allowed to cut-down and burn our world's forests for the sake of making a profit.



  • I would amend this more toward "Only plantation forests grown in previously unforested areas may be cut down."

  • I agree with Inurdaes, wood is needed to make things and needs to come from somewhere, ideally trees from human made forests instead of nature made forests.

  • And instead we should be growing hemp to help in the areas where cutting down trees came in and other areas also

  • I object because most countries already make this illegal

  • That in'htigss just what I've been looking for. Thanks!

  • Home run! Great slgniugg with that answer!

  • If your arltcies are always this helpful, "I'll be back."

  • 100% agree. inland has growing and farming trees down to a fine art and they make a good amount of profit without cutting down 100year old trees. Wood is much more sustainable than plastic so why cant we do it like finland instead of cutting down rain forests

  • i can't believe that off the people who vieuwed this, only voted. Have they discovered another way to make clean air on a global scale???

  • To The person that objects this. What is wrong with you. Just because most countries made this illegal doesn't justify your objection. Because apparantly trees are dissapearing rapidly. Or mayby you work in the lumbersector. If you love to breahte O2 then sign and do anything possible to save our forrest. If not, maybe we should remove one lung of every person that contributes to deforestation.

  • Seems my numlock was off on my first comment. i meant to say of the 433 voters only 24 voted. pretty sad

  • I encourage all to watch the link of the video I posted i case you have not all ready. Focus in on the part about the amazon

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