Being underweight is not sexy

I hate how in america and globally the top 2% of tall skinny women are chosen to represent the other 98% of women in magazines and modeling ads... In america a "plus size" is sizes 6 and up... I am 5'9" and I weigh 140lbs I am in the healthy zone with a bmi of 21.28... I wear a size 6. I am not plus sized by any means. What is wrong with the fashion industry? Why do they continue to put underweight models on the runway?? Since when is a boxy girlish figure plumped up with silicone breasts and collagen filled lips more sexy than a naturally voluptuous woman? Why doesn't someone make laws to stop this? Since when is it ok to photoshop someone so much they don't look like themselves anymore? The fashion industry is glamorizing unhealthy weight like cigarette companies glamorize lung cancer. They are making an image of beauty with the help of photoshop that is literally impossible to attain. Can we make laws to prohibit the use of the 2% of extremely tall skinny women who clearly do not correctly (or healthily) represent the majority of women on earth? Is there anything that can be said or done to help ban this unreal advertising?



  • I've always thought three's something wrong with the people who put these girls on the catwalk. It doesn't look right and doesn't feel right. The girls are just doing what they are told. The people telling them what to do should think about the image they are portraying, the flow on affect it has for young girls and not the $$$ in their back pocket.

  • I read this a few days ago did Australia ever put any "body image codes" into place?

  • I honestly think that natural beauty is better-looking than the fake look that air-brushed models have. They just don't look like real people, and I think that people are beautiful.

  • It is the choice of them to advertise people the way they do, if you don't like it then don't buy it, if more people don't buy it it becomes unpopular, if it becomes unpopular then the magasines move to what is popular, if what is popular is people with more natural looking bodies than this problem is solved.

  • I object because you cannot forbid anything. People want to dream. Should you stop advertising wonderful vacation in paradise island to people who cannot afford it? I think not. I am not saying I think those 2% are representative of the population or a good goal or anything. But magazine serve it because that's what people actually want to see. People want to identify themselves with beauty even tough it might be unrealistic.

  • I completely agree with the whole 'banning Photoshop' idea, after seeing the Dove Campaign in 2006 it made me truly think 'why is society letting magazines, the fashion industry, etc get away with this?'. Photoshop is putting wool over people's eyes and it is truly bang out of order making this perception of beauty an impossible thing to achieve (in most cases), there are people out there who walk down the magazine aisle and compare themselves to these 'beautiful people' that are actually pictures that have been edited into 'fake people'. All other advertising is acceptable but fake advertising is not at all.

  • The fashion industry needs to be far more controlled. Photoshopping women could practically be called false advertising, especially on adds with the whole before/after thing. And no, it's not about them having the "right" to advertise or people wanting to see it. The fashion industry is controlled by a few individuals who offer little to no alternative to being a size 0. Were we to be offered an alternative, it would take only one generation for tastes in beauty to change. As for the right to advertise (which isn't really a right, more like a permission), it stops when those same advertisements are responsible for the creation of deseases that exist nowhere else in the world, at any other time. We need to man up, put our feet down and tell them that enough is enough.

  • The fashion industry is running rampant! They are sticking people who look like they will die in two days on the front of almost every fashion magazine! I go to the magazine racks to see what is in style this fall and all I see are these half dead girls advertising things that will only look good on them, not on the real population! I do not totally blame the advertising industry, but irresponsible advertising like this is in all honesty destroying generation after generation! It simply must end.

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  • People in the world does not want to see those esqueleticas womens, but is all we have available thanks to not creative publicity, they distorted the real women, they creates ilusions that are not healthy to our self estima. There is not a perfect body...publicity its been discriminatory , they keep showing womens as they were a piece of meat, is so sexists, and whereever I see it. This need to stop.

  • Defining skinny as beauty may be purely subjective and shaped, but so is your argument that being skinny is not sexy. While I agree that people should not look towards these 2% as the epitome of beauty, I believe in educating people properly, to challenge their thinking, instead of directly shutting down the media's form of free speech. That is a form of oppression, tantamount to banning soda because you believe they're unhealthy for the public.

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