Legalize all firearms.

I believe most things should be legal, it is not the object's fault if it is used for corrupt intentions, it is the individual using the object. Without seeming too arrogant, I propose the world adopts the United States's Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia, being necissary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." back when it was written, a "well regulated militia" meant Able bodied man.



  • I object because I think all privately held guns should be destroyed. This was a GD idea I proposed a few months ago. Click on my number and you'll see.

  • I object because the right to bear arms infringes the right not to be the dead victim of a shooting by someone who has a gun and momentarily can't control their behavior.

  • People who don't follow the law are likely going to get guns regardless of it is or isn't legal. If it is legal, than the people who do follow the law have a more feasable way to defend themselves from the people who don't follow the law.

  • Death by firearm rate in USA is four times higher than Australia which has a similar society but no right to bear arms (or any interest in having guns in the case of most people). Speaks for itself. Nobody other than some farmers in Australia would feel safer having a gun, would they?

  • In general I am definitely toward giving more liberties than taking them away and educate and trust the people to use exercise them with civics responsibilities in mind. However in the case of guns, even if I actually like shooting and playing with firearms I am absolutely and totally against making it legal for everyone and thus democratizing and spreading more firearms. The reason, firearms simply do more arm than good. Every statistics about them simply proves it. Additionally I would adopt the same position to pretty much anything where the object's purpose is to inherently do arm. Gun's original purpose are too shoot stuff, it might be for defense theoretically but we all know what it means. I think anyone who would want to legalize the possession and circulation of armed tanks would be thought to be crazy, well for pretty the same reason that what legalizing firearms sounds to me.

  • I think its good idea, but obviously people should be educated. And i does help reduce crimes, imagine u r a criminal and u kno everybody hold a gun at home, wud u try and invade this sumeones house ? Moreover even if guns are prohibited, criminals are still going to get their guns anyway. All u do by prohibiting the use of guns, is getting the guns out of the guys hand.

  • I object because unfortunately legalization of dangerous commodities be they drugs, guns, explosives, chemicals, toxins would make them to easily available for those who would use them to harm others. I really dont think people should have access to machine guns or rocket launchers for example.

  • I really wish there were more arelcits like this on the web.

  • Hats off to whoever wrote this up and potsed it.

  • Perefct shot! Thanks for your post!

  • I disagree with "the power of who has the best weapon or is better trained with them". We should consider dismantling armies and shut down weapon producing companies that destroy the possibility of a reasonable world.

  • no arms should be legally carried although who has an intention will go with it but i would rather be threatened with a knife than a gun

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