Expose the criminals.

Make all top secret information transparent, tell the public the truth.

Arrest the world powers or for their crimes. Have all of their crimes exposed and made accountable. In order for a new world to begin the mistakes of the old one must be understood.



  • There is a large amount of stuff that should be publically known, but there is also a large amount of stuff that shouldn't be for security reasons. Your heart is within the right place but having everything public would be very dangerous.

  • You simply cannot nor want to know everything. Sometimes, even tough it can be sad, the ignorant is blessed. I think you should be aware of what matters, of what has a impact on your life or what you can have an impact on. And additionally the need to "getting" the information might also be as important than "having" the information. Everything that is harder to get has more value inherently. Give people the information they'll forget it, make them for it even if it's just the bit, it'll make a much more lasting imprint.

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