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There should be a cap on how much a business can be worth, every dollar made over that cap should be put in an account to fund health care and job growth. There should also be a wealth cap per house hold dependent on their needs. All extra income should be put in an account to help the less fortunate. We live in a greed based society which causes a never enough mentality. Until we create a society bases on need and not wants/ As well all competition should be abolished. This is only applicable if money still has a place in our new world



  • I object because if someone comes up with a good idea or product and everyone buys it why should your reward be capped? I'd encourage those fortunate enough to spread the wealth through charity but I don't believe in capping income.

  • Money should not be a reward, you sound like you agree with greed. When people have way more then they need, and others don't have enough it causes a divide. We are all human beings and money should not divide us into classes, until you stop making money the reward you will never see that the real reward is equality.

  • If the amount of money people can get from working is limited, they will work less because there isn't a pro to working more. A better idea would be to tax people more if they earn more, and tax people less if they earn less, this would mean people have a reason to try and earn more, and people who own more will automatically be more helpful to society through the money they give to tax.

  • Fairness is a very nice idea. But fairness is a relative notion to one another. What is a fair amount of money for someone living in south asia versus someone living in saudi arabia? I think fairness cannot be "controlled" by a magic cap number. Fairness should be a set of guidelines that are applied in business, a sort of gentlemen's agreement. A typical example to me would be: don't screw your employees. If they participate to the success of your company, well they should share the reward. Etc.

  • I think simply democratizing, socializing, or unionizing corporations that are worth billions is better.

  • I would also like to state that most people who find telesemvhs without the need of health insurance are generally students, self-employed and those that are not working. More than half in the uninsured are under the age of Thirty-five. They do not come to feel they are wanting health insurance simply because they're young plus healthy. Their income is generally spent on housing, food, along with entertainment. Some people that do work either whole or part time are not offered insurance by way of their work so they go without as a result of rising price of health insurance in the country. Thanks for the strategies you talk about through this site.

  • "You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich." - William J. H. Boetcker
    If a company is successful then it is because it has helped people get goods and services that they need so why stop them doing better? In Britain we had policy of welfare and helping the poor with everyone elses money like that from 1945 until 1982 called the postwar settlement. It discouraged competition and fueled itself through high taxes and inflation and it ended causing a prolonged economic stagnation and societial breakdown culminating in the Winter of Discontent of 1978-79. Since then Britain has shed those failed policies by cutting taxes and deregulating which has left everyone better off but Britain is still stained by a streak of socialism that hates the wealthy and successful simply for being better at their jobs than those who are to lazy or stupid the take responsibility for themselves.
    What you purpose is being generous with other people's money that will leave the poor even more hooked on welfare than before, discouraging competition that keeps down prices which helps the poor buy goods and services and transforming the world into a Communist hellscape where no-one wants to work and produce for others. People must be given the chance to work and advance themselves and their families and communities through a truly free capitalist economy where every man is worth what he can produce for others and they what they can produce for him, without that we are not free or prosperous.

  • Good to see real expertise on display. Your contbirtuion is most welcome.

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