There needs to be a mandatory method of instilling good virtues back into the hearts of society. One way would be instead of wearing designer logos on our clothing , we should be wearing a virtue with its meaning printed on t shirts and shopping bags. Instead of advertizing stores lets advertize good human qualities.



  • Get the company to print the virtue under the logo.

  • Problematically, people make what sells well and this may not so it would be hard to convince people to make stuff like this, the same goes for convincing people to pay for advertising this. It would be a nice thing to happen but I think it's unrealistic to expect it to. Maybe governments could get involved and produce products like this and to make it better, they can put some of the money they get from selling this stuff in to making some of the other smart plans within this site happen.

  • I object because virtues are cultural, and not shared by everyone. You should wear your virtues if they are important to you, but you can't impose someone else to do the same.
    Additionally what would it bring to the table to wear a t-shirt with a virtue printed on it? How is that helping anyone with anything?

  • I have always objected to logos on my things unless I agree with the company ethics. Lets face it if you want to get a footlballer to wear your logo he will ask for a payment. yet the general public pay more for branded goods even if they are inferior! Stop buying logos its free advertizing.!

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