Public school

For at least one hour a day, there should be a life course in all public schools teaching from grades 1 through 8. The school should be set up like aboard game. Each child is given a pay cheque to cash at the make shift bank. Then they are to pay bills at check points around the school. The childs pay cheque is based on grades, class performance, and extra help the child does around the school. This would teach a child the value of money, and responsibility.



  • This would be unfair for students who do badly at some classes for reasons excluding not trying. I'm sure this would get competitive when some students are unable to compete and it gives them one more reason to be excluded by other students. As far as teaching life skills goes, a lot of this is done with more directly useful classes like english, mathematics, and science.

  • I object because many students can be good at one thing then completely rubbish at another for other reasons than the reason that they 'can't be bothered' learning that lesson. What about people with learning difficulties? And, in school I learnt about the value of money and responsibility in PSHCE/Citizenship.

  • This is a neat sumramy. Thanks for sharing!

  • That hits the target dead center! Great asewnr!

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