Crimes for harming external communities

Corporations that exploit resources causing long term harm to poorer communities outside their country should be forced (by their country) to repair the damage and compensate the community they harmed. It's a simple step to help create equality for all people.



  • First I think we need to get those companies to commit to abandoning the use of unethical labour practices in foreign countries... easier said than done unfortunately. Greed is hard to eradicate.

  • The business in countries like Bangladesh, China, India, among others, are very influenced by great manufacturers from developed countries, mostly U.S. The problem is that greed is not just in the big ones; the ones in which oppressed laborers live too have that problem within their governments, and they see it as a problem solved: less unemployment, keeps people busy, more taxes and more income to the treasury, and they do nothing to resolve that "neo-industrialization".

  • Totally!

  • Absolutely! As long as corporations can act without consequence, they will.

  • This is the freaking Internet, people. Hold them accountable. If you know a business is unethical in terms of social or environmental responsibility or is exploiting poor and/or underaged workers, get it out there - you have heard of facebook, twitter, and other social media, right? - and stop patronizing such businesses. Don't buy stuff made by the exploited poor in developing nations. And if you find out your own employer is one of those organisations, blow the whistle! You can do it anonymously, in most cases - but get the news out and call them to account.

  • I believe it already exists in most law system and it is called civil liability. You could have criminal issues too, for example if you endanger someone's life or poisoned someone.
    But I assure you it does exists is most places. That REAL issu is the access to justice (cost, need to be able to read, distance...)

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