Religious freedom

People are persecuted every day for their religion by various groups and governments. Lets make this a thing of the past!

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  • Why can't we just co-exist? I blame the media for attacking other religions especially Islam. I'm not saying this because I'm a Muslim but this is fact. The words that they've spread through out the world is completely false. They brainwashed people so they would think that all Muslims are bad. Why do they generalize everything? why is it that one mistake from a Muslim person is instantly reflected to other Muslims? I'm a Filipino Muslim but why are the wrong doing's of other Muslims from different countries makes me a bad person? It's like when an Arab Muslims do something bad, people think that other Muslims that has different nationalities makes them the same. We never generalize because we know that people are different and unique.

  • I object because the author of this idea is not a "Muslim". How can you reason for a faith that you do not understand. Every 55th verse of the Koran calls for violence against the unbelievers...

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    The media should stop attacking religious people, no matter what religion they have. One man's fault is not the fault of the entire men.

  • As an atheist, I think we should all be religiously free. Currently in England we have Muslims enforcing Sharia Law on the streets, and it's wrong, because it's not part of our religion and it's wrong to force someone else to abide by your religious laws. I don't go and throw sausages at mosques, so I think it's unfair to be treated this way in reverse!

  • I'm not sure that Islam as a religious ideal makes room for complete religious tolerance. It is my understanding - though I am willing and happy to be corrected, and I am by no means claiming direct knowledge or understanding of Islam or shariah law - that Islam prohibits apostasy (i.e. a muslim person abandoning Islam for another faith, or no faith at all) and with quite severe penalties. Death penalties have been widely imposed in Islamic countries for this throughout history, and I assume from the record of history that this is with some degree of approval if not encouragement from Islamic religoius leadership, and is perhaps even based on some Koranic mandate.

    Are you suggesting that it is high time that Islam laid down the sword and permitted muslim people to choose for themselves what they wish to believe? And would you be willing to accept the outcome if some, perhaps even many or most, chose to abandon Islam in favour of some other faith? I think that is what you are suggesting. And therefore I vote in agreement with you.

    I don't believe all muslims are bad. But I certainly cannot accept that Islam is in and of itself good, as long as muslims can be denied the right to choose what they truly believe in their hearts without fear of persecution for their honesty. Most religions in the world take this view on tolerance and freedom of conscience, and such a position is, in my view to be encouraged as both civilized and humane. Anything else is simply dark age material.

    I would also recommend that adherents of aetheism consider this carefully. In the last century alone aetheist regimes were responsible for the most widespread and brutal religious persecutions in the history of our planet. We should all take a little reality check and recognise that this problem is real and not limited to any specific time, place or religion. We are all at risk or becoming victims or perpetrators unless we are willing to stand up for what is right even if it costs us personally.

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