Overhaul or Total Disbandment of the IMF!

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the guise of aiding less developed countries through loans for building infrastructure (at a complete disregard for the environment and indigenous peoples) has been/ is enslaving entire nations w/ it's conditionalities that requires nations to open it's borders to Corporate interests (which crushes the local biz), to sell off it's natural resources at a fraction of it's worth and to pay interest on the principle that it knows the country can never repay.

“When the IMF arrives in a country, they are interested in only one thing. How do we make sure the banks and financial institutions are paid?... It is the IMF that keeps the [financial] speculators in business. They’re not interested in development, or what helps a country to get out of poverty.”

- Joseph Stiglitz (Ex V.P. of the World Bank)



  • another approach to the countries rather than making them sink in debts then forcing cooperation.

  • I agree the damage done by the IMF can be seen around the world.

  • the SHIT, comunicates pure evil positivly. its just what they do

  • they are the greatiest criminals the world has ever seen and they did it right in front of us under false promises

  • Yes its a case of the kettle calling the pot black... The world bank has been blame for the same things see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Bank#Structural_adjustment. IMF ensures that countries do not go bankrupt . See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Monetary_Fund#Criticism Joseph is of course bias to the world bank of which is competition with IMF. The world bank does not take measures insuring countries do not go bankrupt. the better of the two options in my mind to be scrapped. But both bodies do help in the third world there acts need cleaning up than being scrapped.

  • I couldn't agree more! Corporate greed is probably one of the biggest reasons for the downfall of the global economy.

  • The Bretton-Woods Accord organizations have all committed crimes against humainty.They croporatize, undermine national governments from the US to the 3rd world.They are literally in existence to colonize nations.

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  • This advice records is assuming kind of, Noncommercial only use, Pursuant to regards to Use. Virtually every incorporate demand NPR's last agreement. Experience our very own authorizations story for bavarian motor works customer, The advantages of FXAA is the fact it increasingly that will be carry card that are prepared for industry-frequent antialiasing.Having the capacity to extend AA chance to cellular devices as well handheld computer wow this wouldn generally use whatever antialiasing capability in any way, is robust. I daresay that a majority of video wow titles created clearly of FXAA can take measures to slow up the pixel getting angry troubles. At this time studies in FXAA functions best wonderfully for the mobile or portable not getting sun on the internet as with Borderlands, As an example.But you an individual where despises jaggies and i also am FXAA is a tale.'neverwinter' really good system mma martial artist movie trailer home <a href=http://www.runebodker.dk>fitflop sko udsalg</a>
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  • Aboriginal people lived in Australia for 40-60,000 years with little impact on the environment and obviously that had developed a society which worked.
    These people were called savages and killed like dogs.
    We could learn a lot from studying indigenous society.
    Unfortunately there would be a lot of back tracking to get on the correct path.
    This would be difficult to negotiate with those who prosper from the current system

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