Get Active!! You And Me- Here- Now!

We are not helpless, but a burgeoning community of democratically minded individuals. We should be posting actions, actions you and I can take in daily life, and doing them.

Start including things that can be done in our posts, and asking people to commit in writing on this site to doing them. Then let the phone calls be made, the emails and letters written, the personal changes of habit, be it in health or environment or education, taken to task, and advocated to our superiors and inferiors in our own work places. Together we can make a difference.... and we don't have to wait till this site has thirty votes per Idea to start. If you cause one person to help your cause, and you do the exact same thing yourself, you did as much as twice as much as you could have on your own by convincing them to do something concrete-- maybe more, because for all you know you could convince someone who feels strongly but is intimidated that s/he can act.

Help your fellow man, or the environment, and call for real actions in the real world, and let our voices be carried from the throats of those here who agree with our proposal. It does not have to be your country's concern to help.

I will tell you I personally would appreciate help with my concerns, and if you would too, maybe this is an Idea to vote in favor of, and use whether you vote or not.

I will be making use of my own Idea tonight or tomorrow (it's late) and posting comments on my prior-posted Ideas about what I would have anyone who agrees do. Feel free to help me if you don't want to use my Idea yourself. But feel free to use it, too, if you think your Idea is important, and maybe some of us can trade off with each other- say someone isn't against your Idea, maybe s/he doesn't have a strong opinion, but s/he'll help you if you help him/her, though you might be the same way, using our own caution and judgment.

Could be a swap between environment and the new category someone is calling for, economy, or health or philosophy or law-- if you will help me about what I care about, why don't I help you about what you care about so that you will? Your own caution and judgment should be a term duly noted, however; you should understand this last idea carries slight risk of backfiring, but that's in your hands for your handling, not in mine (when it comes to you). This would be particularly desirable after a few months' membership if two people were to exchange ideas and come to a sort of mutual trust, insomuch as they needed/ could find.

If you use this Idea, I encourage you to be very specific about what you want people to do, but not to a fault, and to think carefully about how much more you can really do than you might think: post a telephone line to call with what to say, a specific habit to change like leaving the lights on when one isn't in the room, a set of ideas or a default complaint statement to send to a political representative. You could suggest people in charge of policy who run across your idea on this site take measures to implement as much of it as possible in their workforces, and explain why they should. You could look up the committee or agency involved in governing what you care about in your nation, which just means a bit of research on the web, and post names of people to contact.

You could ask someone to write it on their blog or tell three people they know in daily conversations on a good opportunity. You could even ask them to tell someone else who felt similarly that someone they were politically involved with had asked them to ask the friend to do the same thing.

You could give a small time frame for someone to try something you believed in to see if they changed their mind about it, for instance going vegetarian for three days or limiting showers to five minutes or not throwing away any food at all unless it was bad for the same time frame.

People could commit to doing it, in the name of helping global



  • People could commit to doing it, in the name of helping global democracy, and in many cases in the name of the specific proposal, given usually this would mean they felt similarly.

    You could dice this up into individual comments below your actual idea, say three concrete things to do in three comments below your own idea.

    You could do one better than all this and use your own creativity to use two of your birthrights, your critical thinking and your will, to make it extend further than I have made clear a way to above.

    Mountains are made of rock, true, but most of those rocks aren't awfully big, and some of what makes them mountains you or I could throw across a room with ease if it was an intelligent thing to do.

    Most of what I've posted has been suggestions for this site, looking to its future at times every bit as much as its present, sometimes more so, because I fully believe in the same dream as the creator, and would have well since done the same thing myself had I been able to. People should be taking power in the growing landscape of larger, multi-national governments; we do not need the top 1% telling us what laws we will live under. A global democracy is of nearly unparalleled importance, and holds the potential to annihilate all the threats to our Global Village, by way of the Will of the People of the World being heard.

    I thank the staff of this site for empowering us to empower each other, and I need to specify, that is how this will work... our support for each other's Ideas supports each other, more so than ourselves. In the first place what's voted on determines what gets covered by the President and his staff, so at the point of the original premise of this site we are still empowering each other, not ourselves. As a GlobalDemocracy, we need to work together and start making things happen-- it will take time, granted, and progress is almost always slow-- but together we can open the doors to real change, and if you don't believe me, I don't know why you're bothering reading this or anything else. And don't be satisfied with the least you could do- just posting once or twice, commenting on two or three ideas-- the site cannot cover all of them, and if it covers yours, you will still make your reach further by making the most of your reach, that sounds like an obvious statement to me, and at the point of coverage, capitalizing on it if possible. Don't be timid. Stand up!

  • Great idea - indeed there are numerous voluntary organisations seeking, lobbying , and transparently by the way, like Movement in Ireland who are pressing both
    An Seanad and T D's in the Dail for a Citizen Assembly on Constitutional & Political Reform so we can CLAIM BACK DEMOCRACY . This should be an ongoing exercise for every Government to respond to changing times.

  • Pernoally I think that we need one person as a reprsentative that could start this off, that starts the movement of unity, because only a handfull of people actually know of this, and kow of the benefits of world unity. One person that everybody could look-up to, that inspires people and give them a sense of reality. This is all the Human Race as a whole needd. Unfortunaly not every body has access to this site or organistations that you guys mentioned before, counties that has courupt governments and countries isolated from the rest of the world i.e. Africa. A reprrsenatative would go around the world to open peoples eyes, which would strenghten the movement of unity which then will strenghten the Human Race as a whole.

    And thanks for leaving comments guys.


  • Agreed, but the reason is little know by May 2014 may be the lack of motivation to share this ideas on our social media timelines. FaceBook option to share doesn't work. Google + and Twitter only show the idea number. Adding each idea should allow at least one graphic to make it more attractive, and the option to share fixed. I could volunteer do it, if needed.

  • This is excellent idea, the best way to bring all dedicated experts on board is inviting them on social-media platform focusing on a common grounds that all humanity accept and respect, give their voice power support in global level. Never underestimate today technology and human capability. #saeedkhameneh

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