Profitable Public Prisons

Recently there has been a lot of talk on the fact that many of Americas prisons are now run by private firms who are making billions of dollars by through their facilitation. We as the public pay companies to keep 'dangerous' people locked away for our own protection but is this enough. These firms do very little to actually reform characters and this is evident by the large number of re-offenders. I suggest that we no longer higher these firms, prison should be public. We should also force labor upon inmates. Prisoners should produce enough goods to pay for the cost of their detention, prosecution etc. They should also contribute towards the wider society which is being sustained outside, because ultimately they will return to this society.



  • I agree. I have no idea what you meant, and am curious as to the answer, by "prison should be public," but I voted for it anyway because I do think the benefits of having inmates work off their sentences are astronomical. In a depression, it would definitely be helpful to have 2.3 million workers who only got food and board in return, instead of 2.3 million free-birds when it came to having any responsibility to earning their own keep. And avoiding heading off recidivism is stupid, though that said, there have been increasing measures taken against it-- not to say enough. Now that said, I should caution, there's a lot to be said for police profiling, and just as police look into a black suspect before they do a white one, they also look for one-time or multiple-time offenders before they look for formerly innocent civilians, which seems to explain at least a bit of why there are so many repeat offenders, even, and certainly why there are seven or eight times as many African American males in prison as Caucasian. I don't know, one makes more sense than the other, but either way, in an imperfect Justice System, and beware the first one to claim perfection, looking to back up what we already held to be true skews the ranks of innocents and the ranks of the guilty. Now when I say that, don't anyone who reads this point the finger at black nationalism or anything like that, because I've never been to prison, and I happen to be white.

    But those just seemed like relevant things to add in to your discussion, they're not meant to challenge anything you said except so much at most as to add some context to your remark about criminal recidivism, which again is more plausible, but happens to run the same problem as the other, which is why I brought both up, because I have a problem with police profiling and don't believe that everyone who's put away and impacted by laws regarding inmates is a criminal in reality.

    Anyway, I thought I'd look into your other ideas, or at least another of them, to be fair and honestly partially to offset the other, given we're a burgeoning community, I'll be frank, because I saw some good thinking in another one of your ideas, though I knocked it down as hard as I deemed appropriate because I didn't agree with exactly what you came up with, just liked your way of thinking, if not the specifics in that individual regard.

    So! This is one that ought to be covered; and oh, my last bit to add about prisoners, is there are far too many of them. There was a major international court case recently, which you may recognize just by the description, in which someone went to jail for copyright infringement. That happens regularly, or at least MPA and the Sound Track whatever-it-might-be want it to happen more so than it does, and Blizzard I'd wager too, even though it has almost nothing to lose by its digital merchandise being sold, since the games had to be bought regardless, and you have to take into account that whereas now defending yourself can land you in prison, just a tip as to why we have such a big problem with crime today instead of yesterday, it was the opposite in the late 1700s- early 1800s, when if you wanted to settle a score, you could fight a duel, legally, or at least it wasn't ever tried. Now it has nothing to do with computers that men are held accountable for defending themselves on occasion and can be put in jail if they won too WELL, even in self-defense, but could settle a dispute in a duel when there were a lot fewer people alive and no computers to jazz up copyright infringement rhetoric when Big Money wanted More Money, and Joe Schmoe hadn't really changed from the 1700s except to become more law-abiding and less violent. Just food for thought. Context, not anything directly in support/dissent to your post, but you might find it relevant in your thinking. Thank you.

  • Sorry you're from London- I don't know how much of that applies to the UK. It's problematic here, but I'd be interested to know as to your own regard. I don't presently subscribe to a UK newspaper, though it wouldn't be hard to start (I have a Kindle, they're wonderful inventions). But I also don't read half the newspapers I currently subscribe to (I just started a bunch), so I'm not sure about another one-- I'll have it sorted out sooner or later, probably once I get through all the books I want to read... wait that part isn't possible.

    But anyway, please let me know your perspective on the same things in the UK. Do your police use profiling? Shoot me an email if you don't want to post: I'll get back to you sooner or later.

  • I object because that would reduce those people to slaves.

  • I strongly object because this is a call for slave labour.

    If prisoners are forced to produce commodities, governments will be incentivised to incarcerate more people.

    If you actually care about reforming people, you shouldn't be advocating treating them as slaves. Forcing a person to labour will only dehumanise them and make them resentful.

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