Record restaurant waste to manage meal sizes

Due to high populations, producing so much food is becoming bad for the environment. Let's make restaurants measure their waste (simple to do) so that the ridiculous sizes of fast casual dining restaurants are reduced to what people are actually capable of eating. Better for health, too.



  • It is rediculous howe much goes from the table into the bin. If I was going to guess I'd say from a table of ten you would see about 15% of the food left on the plates. Think about how many restaurants there are around the world and multilpy that by 10 meals per day (wasted) and then 313 per year. Lets just call it 300 meals per year per restaurant thrown in the bin. How many restaurants are there around the world?

  • I love this idea! I used to work in a restaurant and the amount of food wasted would blow your mind! What if a criteria in the grading system of restaurants (like they have in New York) was the appropriate amount of waste (and appropriate) recycling and composting.

  • I think this is a bad idea and would only hurt bizzness!

  • I object because the woman who came up with this idea is vile.

  • Food is actual bad for the environment in the case of restaurant produced, it is bio gradable and can also be feed to animals. Its the non bio gradable waste that's the problem however most of that could be recycled as is done here in the Philippines and else where in the world. i would however suggest that the POW is asked to promote sensible bio gradable packaging and good recycling.

  • The more human consume the more room we have to make like cutting down the forests detroying/poluting the evironments for consume demanding of human without aware of they self destruction for next generation to come, it can be your grandchildren. The road have speed limite so should everthing else.

  • You're welcome, Ruthan I've been rdneiag your blog for awhile now, because I'm always looking for information I can count on to be accurate. I've been interested in health and wellness for a long time and enjoy writing about it. I'll be checking out the Upside to Aging when it's back up! Thanks for commenting.Camille

  • I object because this adds more regulations and hurts small business. Do you have any idea how much regulation there is in the U.S. It is ridiculous, and this doesn't even solve pollution. As said before it is non biodegradable material that hurts the environment. This also regulates how much a person wants to eat.

  • Perhaps instead of regulating it, people who own restaurants can advertise how much food they don't waste to encourage people to use their service instead of businesses that waste much more food. This rewards the better and cleaner restaurants, and encourages business by making a new level competitiveness that also helps the environment.

  • I object because poor people who pay for food at a casual dining restaurant deserve the size portion now will hurt them to reduce it.

  • Sounds control-freaking to me. That's not what freedom is about. Let people eat the H#LL what they want to, without comrade Bloombergs looking over our shoulders & dictating to us!

  • I object because what gives you or the government the right to dictate to others portion size and meal content

  • I object because it doesn't solve anything

  • Time to face the music armed with this great inrofamtion.

  • This is happening in many places now or the wasted food is being sent to be composted for fertiliser & this really should be introduced everywhere as it is just sickeningly wrong that there are huge amounts of waste in some parts of the world, whilst there is famine in other parts.

  • I prefer the idea of giving the option to take the leftovers home in a box, so you can eat it at home instead of throwing it. It's something that you can do now in a lot of restaurants.

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