Everybody off the grid!

There is absolutely no need today for large dangerous power plants and expensive transmission lines. All new buildings and houses can, and should, be their own power sources. Solar panels are inefficient but some now work on'daylight', rather than direct sun. Our new roofs should be made from such material and white to reflect the sun, providing some measure of cooling in the hot summers to come. There are window shades and tints that also collect power from the light. And even solar power paint.

Wind and geothermal should also be incorporated into the new home. New storage methods are already available. The most promising I've seen so far is compressed air storage, where excess sun or wind power is used to compress air tanks. That potential energy is stored until needed. But there are many other methods too and undoubtedly many more to come.

There a hundred other 'little' things that can go into the 'new' house: winter air-connected refrigerators, grey-water reusable water systems, home integrated vegetable gardens....and on and on, incorporating new innovations as they come up. Governments and the corporate world must be made to see that such a change on such a massive scale can only lead to unprecedented jobs and economic prosperity, in both the manufacturing and installation of these systems. No electricity bills also means more money in consumers' pockets. These will be the homes of the future, if there is a future. That's why we need them NOW. This is our 'Sputnik moment' . We have to get off coal and oil AND nuclear and let our poor abused planet begin its natural rehabilitation. In the process, we can make our own economic conditions better, providing better lives for our children, and all children to come. We are going down a steep winding road at breakneck speed and a sharp turn is coming up. Let's not miss it.



  • Agree alomst entirely. If you had a green grid then you wouldnt even have to worry about building inefficiencies, as, for example, aircon would be fine. And a green grid would also knock out the problem of electric cars runninng off a fossil fuel powered grid.
    But I support your sentiment one hundred percent, and people need to start pressuring governemnts to get onto the job now before it is too late. If we leave it any longer, all future generations of our and other species will have this generation of procrastinating people, and only us (the only ones with the knowledge of the urgency and the ability to act urgently), to thank for runaway climate change and the catastrophes that follow. Governments wont do it without people pushing them, as they are more concerned about their survival at the next election. People have to stand up on this one, and make them act now to develop and incentivise these things. Your sharp turn is only a couple of hundred metres away and we are on the bus. People like us who can see out the front window need to make more noise. I agree with you.

  • Brilliant Idea!. If every house just and only put polar panels up on their roofs and integrated these panels into the grid, the sun could and would power entire cities. Even with the existing technology, surly we can store enough energy to get us through the night or even a day or two without any sun. A location where this idea could be expanded even further is the extreme northern and southern regions of the world, where the sun shines for 6 mos continually every year.
    If we could harness just 1% of the readily available Geothermal energy available now with todays technology we could power this whole planet for 10000 years. This IS the way of the future and the only thing stopping it is big oil business. Its time to end the energy monopoly held by fossil fuels. POW please take note...this idea is a great one and a very important one too

  • The problem with something like this is that it's not a government movement. We can't just shut off the grid. This is an individually motivated movement, as each person would have to pay for his/her upgrades and maintain them, and nothing will be changed in policy regarding the grid until we're off it. POW is not the way to do this, going to a hardware store and installing one is.

  • Gamzster you make a good point. We cant just shut off the grid. Equally, we do need to wean ourselves off reliance on fossil fuel powered stationary energy asap. Clean grids would be preferable to no grids. But clean anything is a better solution to the hydrocarbon economy we allow to slowly destroy the planet right now and thats why I voted in favour of this one.

  • This is something that shouldn't be forced. People should be responsible for making these changes to their houses. The role of the government is to make these things as obtainable as is possible for those people. It would be more efficient for the government to improve big things like major electricity sources that serve so many people than to pay for technology to be installed for each house individually.

  • I object because while this is a cool concept, hardly anyone would be able to afford it and even then a household would have no way of storing the energy they produce in a safe, cheap way (That is to say if they were even able to produce enough energy to suit their day to day needs).

  • With Scientist, NASA and ect...messing with the SUN, Earth's estimated concussion is soon to happen...then it's non-existance.

  • Huh? Delusional wackos should refrain from using this site. Go take your medicine which you seem to have forgotten.

  • Sorry, my comment was directed at "anonymous" not 000000002.

  • Ridiculously inefficient and dangerous. I wouldn't want my neighbor to be in charge of his own power plant.

  • I object because we need a power grid for solar energy solar energy is clean and renewable. There is no reason to do this

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  • Thanks for sahinrg. Always good to find a real expert.

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