Where is the knowledge of the Creator?

All scripture from the Holy Bible unto the Book of Enoch, should be taught in public schools.



  • I object because religion is the bases of so much of the worlds evils! I could go on and on but i will not waste my time on your misguidence. Religion has no place in government on any level! you are certainly free to enjoy it yourself but not to force it on others!

  • I object because there are too many religious philosophies to include every one as mandatory curriculum. Also, none of them are provable and likely none of them are true. It's better that people find their own truths, rather than be strangled by dogma and doctrine.

  • I object because I believe isabel has a point.

  • What about countries where people are not Christian?

  • I object because public schooling should be unbiased and not force a certain religious belief, i.e. teaching children the bible.

  • I object because this is not inclusive of the world? There are alot of people in this world that are not Christian. What about Buddhism? Islam? Judaism? This idea excludes more than half the people of the world. GLOBAL democracy, remember? And how democratic is it anyway to teach one religion and not the rest? Kids should have the freedom to believe what they want.

  • @000001041 (Australia), The Book of Enoch is Hebrew scripture that was not included into the KJV Holy Bible.

    @Anonymous, The Laws are in the Old Testament and are not based on religion, they are based on you following the Creator's laws.

    @jgdakelowna (Canada), I have no religion and these laws are not based on religion. They are based on loving each other and loving the creator. America has laws, and the Creator has laws. Whose would you rather follow, a man's who dies, or the Lord's who lives forever?

    @isabel (United States), The Holy Bible speaks of slaveships happening before they did. The prophecies of this book are happening, but no other book's prophecies are happening. So this book stands alone, and it is not religion to follow the Laws of the Lord.

    @jordanne32 (United States), The Bible is the History book of the Jews, so you are saying that history shouldn't be taught in schools? The Big Bang is a lie, and it is taught in school systems. That is wrong all the way.

    @GD000001043 (Egypt), They can believe whatever, but these laws will not cause crimes and hate between people. Religion does that. And these Laws are not based on religion.

    AustinGMackell (Australia), Lol.
    Psalms 14:1
    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    2 Esdras 8:57-61
    [57] Moreover they have trodden down his righteous,
    [58] And said in their heart, that there is no God; yea, and that knowing they must die.
    [59] For as the things aforesaid shalt receive you, so thirst and pain are prepared for them: for it was not his will that men should come to nought:
    [60] But they which be created have defiled the name of him that made them, and were unthankful unto him which prepared life for them.
    [61] And therefore is my judgment now at hand.

  • I object because it goes against the constitution. It forces one religion on all people. Everyone should have the right to practice their own religion.

  • @hopefulgirl (Canada), Obeying the Most High's Laws is not religion, but a way of life. What religion was Moses?

  • I object because I don't think a religious education is the right thing to teach in a public school. What we should learn in public - actually in every school - is tolerance, ethics, human rights notions, not religion.

  • I should agree. However, of what view or interpretation of what is written in the Bible are we going to present or teach in the schools?

  • and made a question, not a statement, we need new ideas and not set in stone...we need collaboration....

  • Bible should be taught as any other form of literature .

  • I agree with Anon above. While I agree that specific religions should not be forced onto people, I believe that teaching an understanding (if only basic) of many world religions to young people would greatly benefit the global society.

  • I object because that feels like we are forcing different religions on them, and although knowledge of all religions is valuable, they can use their own time to learn about it.

  • I object because our ancestors faught for the seperation of church and state. for a reason.

  • show the truth........ teach the truth..............

  • teach and spread the religion of humanity.......... s

  • I object because religion is personla and should never be given any government connection s what so ever

  • I agree. The Bible, along with other holy scriptures such as the Quran, the Guru Granth Sahib and even the Book of Mormon should all be taught in schools as controversial works of literature, as they have been the basis of a lot of cultural and non-secular governmental development in the World.

  • NO! religion is the main cause of all violence, terrorism and issue in the world. if we all weren't so selfish as to expect an afterlife after our years on earth and we could all live with the fact that human life is human life, no higher power, then it would be much easier to solve issues from country to country and race to race. our "higher power"s always lead us to try and defeat opposing religions. terrible terrible idea, I say

  • I object because this idea has no valid support to it.

  • stop voting on this - yes or no - let it die!

  • I object because I do not believe in any sort of god, and I think that religion causes so much harm in the world. It should not be taught in schools.

  • Religion is an interesting subject, but it should be kept as that. It's a dangerous minefield to be playing in. This idea would do nothing but cause tension and create even more rifts in the education system.

  • There are a thousand plus world religious beliefs please leave religion to home and the temples. The POW's our spokesman's words should be respected by all word citizens what ever their belief. do you understand what this sites really about? It has a world audience and based on finding good fully acceptable solutions to world problems.

  • I object because the Holy Bible holds relevance for many people in our society, but not all. The Bible has great value for many people, and if those people choose, they can teach it at home. There are a great many ideas and beliefs in the world, we certainly couldn't teach them all from start to finish in our schools. In the multi-cultural societies that we live in, how can we choose just one book to teach as the most important over any number of other sets of beliefs?

  • I object because religion is a private decision and should be made/demonstrated, privately or in rational venues, public education is not the place.

  • I object because religion has no place in public services.

  • I agree but it shouldn't be taught that it is fact. It should be taught in lit classes the way greek mythology is.

  • I object because Any religious book should not forced publicly on individual. there should be choice of what to learn or not to learn.

  • I object because it's shallow and ideologically narrow.

  • seriously? This website is for the unity of the human race on Earth, and ideas that solve problems that affect us ALL. Religion is, and has always been, above all, primary motive for dividing people with prejudice. The idea that anyone has the right to tell others what they should believe theologically, is OFFENSIVE.

  • I object because mathematically it is more likely that we are a "science experiment" of some more advanced race. As a non-theist my beliefs are, for lack of a better word, different than what is taught in your "Holy Bible." Religion is a remnant from a less advanced society, a time when we believed "gods" made the heavens spin around the earth. I will even go so far as to say research has been done that suggests, statistically speaking, people with higher intelligence levels tend to be atheists or non-theists.

  • I object because I respect to your beliefs, but not subscribe to them.

  • I object because it violate freedom of religion

  • I object because religion should be separate from democratic dealings.

  • I object because it is everything education should not be. The scientific method must be applied to all facets of life, including your cherished beliefs.

  • I object because religion should be a private matter, and it should never be the educational role of public schools or public institutions to teach scripture as if it were holy.

    But, in the context of history, or comparative religious studies; by all means educate students on the role religion has played in different societies, during different historical periods, though out human history.

  • I object because not everyone believes in the Bible and that would be pushing someone's beliefs upon others.

  • In what context and to what purpose? And do you mean only Judeo-Christian Scripture?

  • I object because you are purporting an indoctrination to a particular (and ill founded) 'truth', rather than an education embracing complexities of the multitude of religious doctrines and subjective interpretations that exist.

  • I object because religion separates people and causes tension especially on a global scale.

  • I object because not all in the public schools are Christians. Teaching all the scriptures from the bible may cause tensions all over the world.

  • This is something that should not be forced upon people. It is not needed for a good education, furthermore, it can cause rifts between people and can promote hatred.

  • I object because everyone should have there own beliefs and not be forced to be taught religion

  • I object because religion has no part in a new world. It is a relic of the old one and a detriment to all society, annihilating scientific prowess and spreading irrational thoughts.

  • I object because religion is a a relic of a human race afraid of the dark. It is not needed and therefore does not belong in schools. Should people wish to learn about religion they are free to look into it however it has no basis in rational thinking or rational education and therefore does not belong in schools.

  • I believe religion should be from choise not forced on every child. Realigion should be implemented in schools so a child reaching a certain age can choose classes they wish to partake in.

  • Religion should not be teach anywhere

  • I object because religion is a a relic of a human race afraid of the dark. It is not needed and therefore does not belong in schools. Should people wish to learn about religion they are free to look into it however it has no basis in rational thinking or rational education and therefore does not belong in schools. *Double post due to being a n00b*

  • I object because separation of church of state is mandatory in a free society.

  • I object because there are almost 10,000 religions in the world today. To say one is greater than all the rest is the crux of the world's infighting. If you want to teach Religion in schools, teach the effects Religion has on the world and the points of view from each side.

  • I object because I do not believe that any religion should be taught in the public school system. That is for parents to teach their children if they so choose. The public schools are their to give children a basic education. Not parent them.

  • I object because religion should be voluntary and will for it to come from the individual itself and not enforced by the state. Religions' own scholars and priests/rabbis/imams/insert appropriate term here can teach the believers on their own time, not in school.

  • I object because religious ideas and dogmatic teachings of these ideas have brought nothing but pain and ruin to this Earth.

  • the knowledge of the creator is not in books so much

  • Religion does not have be accepted, yet it must be acknowledged.

  • I object because, IMHO, it is not the place of an Educator to Indoctrinate the youth. Instead, the Educator should: 1. See to it that the youth are taught how to Think Critically, allowing them to decide matters of Faith for themselves and 2. See to it that the youth are taught how to Live Peaceably as Global Citizens; as Brothers and Sisters. More Good would come of these two things, alone, than the systematic Indoctrination of the youth into any one Faith could ever hope to produce. In short: teach the youth to become Better People - no particular Faith is required for that. I could be wrong, admittedly...

    Fr. E.S.Q.S.

  • Religion is too war inducing. Personally, i think all religious beliefs should be kept in ones home and not spread across the world. If you want to believe in it, good. But don't try to force others to believe in it.

  • I object because people should choose to learn about this or any other religion

  • I object because there are other cultures that have a way of looking at the world and who is to say that the bible is the only way.

  • Religion shouldn't be forced on to children too young to make informed decisions about it.

  • I object because I strongly feel that freedom of religion or faith is fundamental to a global understanding between members of the different faiths, as well as those who do not believe in a greater being. The year is 2012, and we should have come further by now! We should have learned from our mistakes, the countless wars throughout our history, based on religious grounds.

    I believe Religion should be a subject at all schools. It should be a class where all pupils learn about ALL the religions of the world. This class should also teach tolerance and freedom of choice, eradicating the need for people to feel part of a superior religion, and allowing people to live side by side in mutual respect and understanding.

  • I think we need to walk the talk not talk the walk....We need to understand we are not alone! Everything is connected together so why not learn more about *what would love do?" Love who we are...maybe there is a need of knowing why are we here...to Learn more about ourselves though others is a gift...Love is in all Religion (so enjoy where you are now at this moment) because gratitude is an adittude that brings love into our Hearts ! We are mirrors reflection of what? Religion is love of God practice in All ! Its just that we think that Humans have to learn how to love first so that we can love everything around us !!! I believe Man-kind is learning this!!

  • I object because religion had its day, it was called the dark ages.

  • I object because religion is a personal thing! It should be taught in a philosophy class, together with ancient roman and norse religions. We need our future generations to be able to separate fact from fiction, and indoctrinating them with religious ideas is not the way forward!

  • I object because this is a belief, and as it is not scientifically proven that your "Creator" is anything else then a mere human, people should be allowed to chose themselves if they want to learn more about the Holy Bible.

  • I object because although there is much debate over this question of faith, there is no real religion that holds authority over others. We cannot say what is right and wrong, but I do agree to an extent that in a respectable manner other religions should be introduced, not forced onto other people. This new area of other world religions could broaden our understandings even if we belong to another faith.

  • I object because I do not believe in your bible, and in fact half of the planet believes in different "bibles". Historically religion has caused more war and death than any government on earth. What we need is a way for the different religions to accept and respect each other and live in peace.

  • Here is the reason why this is EXTREMELY problematic, if you want to have the Holy Bible taught in public schools, you would then have to teach ALL religions in public school because there is no reason why one religion should be taught and the others neglected. Politically the reason why religion studies have been avoided in public schools that of separation of Church and State. However, many students do create on-campus clubs centered around their particular religions. One religion is not something that should be forced onto students, especially if they are not of that particular faith.

  • I object to this idea because it is a stem on free-thought, especially any thought that might contradict with the ONE religion you decide to teach. Now, I'm all for religion giving you a purpose and a fuzzy feeling in your heart that motivates you, but it's just too easy a vessel for indoctrination and conformism. And mandatory scripture teachings will NOT be handled correctly by all teachers (the primary purpose of public education being to give all kids the same educational foundation equally), students WILL get the wrong ideas (like that bibles should be taken literally in modern times, that FEAR outweighs the LOVE and PEACE taught by most religions, that death and the reward of an afterlife is a goal and not a effect, etc.).

  • I object because object to this idea because it is a stem on free-thought, especially any thought that might contradict with the ONE religion you decide to teach. Now, I'm all for religion giving you a purpose and a fuzzy feeling in your heart that motivates you, but it's just too easy a vessel for indoctrination and conformism. And mandatory scripture teachings will NOT be handled correctly by all teachers (the primary purpose of public education being to give all kids the same educational foundation equally), students WILL get the wrong ideas (like that bibles should be taken literally in modern times, that FEAR outweighs the LOVE and PEACE taught by most religions, that death and the reward of an afterlife is a goal and not a effect, etc.).

  • I object because we evolved from apes, religion is a personal choice and should not be forced on anyone.

  • I believe a survey of all religions would be useful. Then our children could see the common tenets of what people choose to believe and could then make their own choices. Personally, I find the golden rule to be very useful but the the idea of a judgmental creator to be superfluous.

  • I object because Religion is a private a personal matter and has no place in public schools or public policy.

  • I do not believe anyone can believe their religion is the right one to be taught in schools, we all have different beliefs and it would not be a good use of time to teach every child about every religion. I believe religious studies should be a voluntary education, as long as they are made aware that they have the choice to join a religion then that is all is needed, if they feel the need and wish to learn more they can visit their local religious establishments to be educated on it further.

  • I object because not everyone wants to take a bible class or it conflicts with other peoples belief systems which they are free to believe in and its their choice if they want to go to a church or were ever to learn these things.

  • I object because there is no reason for this to be put into effect. Imposing religion on children may be O.K. for some, but what good does it really do them. If a child's guardians want they're child to be raised in a certain religion, then it is up to them to make sure their child receives an education in that religion, but studying the bible in public schools is completely inappropriate and seems like an imposition of one religion on a large population that may not all identify with Christianity.

  • I object because education should be non biased. All religion are biased because they tend to promote self conserving ideas. History has taught us that many wars were started to serve, protect, extend religions. I think religion has no place to be mandatory in people's education. I don't deny the right to practice, learn or teach religion, but it should be totally optional. People should opt-in.

  • Don't believe in the bible or religion as a whole.

  • I object because there is no such this as a world wide religion, so the question arise which religion should be taught and that's when people start fighting. There are so many religions a school can't possible teach every potential religion in the world, religion should be a free choice and never forced on to anyone (sadly that's rarely the case).

  • I object because religion has no place in schools

  • No one has the right to force they're beliefs upon others. By all means make it available to them but, only them as a person of free will can decide how to live their life.

  • I object because not everyone shares the same belief system.

  • I object because the scriptures from the holy bible can be misinterpreted, and thus creating a misconception on the ideas that the bible tries to portray. I have witness people take the bible to a literalistic sense, and have in turn found the bible to be fallacious. I believe that public schools should not be obligated to teach any religious scriptures, yet they should be able to provide access to copies of those scriptures if a student desires to learn more about them.

  • I object because their is no need to force an idea on kids.

  • Not all scripture should be taught although many of the core teachings of people such as Jesus and Mohammed should defiantly be taught.

  • I object because religion varies throughout the world. There is no "right" way to teach religion... The only way you can believe there is a right way is if you are a fanatic or are ignorant.

  • I object because religion is a right of freedom, we can not teach the holy bible to children with out other religions being tought or not at all.

  • I object because religion is to varied and you cannot tell kids god exists, its up to the person to decide what they want to believe in. personally as a student at a public school i wouldn't want to learn this subject. teachers can become biased.

  • I object because the cons of organized outweigh the pros. Contact for more information

  • The problem with this is you have conflicting belief systems also taking their turn in teaching our children false doctrines because other religious groups will claim unfairness. I don't want the Koran pushed down my child's throat.

  • I object because religion is just another way to control people.

  • i object because the bible is imprecise and open to interpretation and human subjectivity. Although some agree that is a good prophetic book, which in some cases it slightly is, it is too open to interpretation.

  • I object because should on religion seems pushy and intolerant. I do support the education of religion and religious texts the same way I support any other precedent literature.

  • Someone on here stated that if we chose to teach Christianity in our schools then we would have to teach about all religions. I completely disagree with that statement because Muslim countries do not allow the teaching or learning of other religions. The UNited Statedps of America Department of Education could puppy forth a policy stating that all public schools are to teach Christianity at all levels of education in the public schools. It's that simple. If youare from another religion then just too damn bad.

  • I object because (US) public schools are funded by taxpayers of all religious persuasions and none, and this proposal also violates the constitutional separation of church and state.

  • I object because you seek to eliminate the freedom of religion

  • I object because to teach a belief system is wrong. Belief systems should be discovered by individuals based on their individual life experiences, not pushed onto people inside learning environments.

  • No, because it is forcing religion and dogma onto people, dogma should be banned, spirituality should be embraced.

  • I object because any book that claims the earth is 6000 years old should not be treated as educational.

  • I object because this idea forces beliefs of specific religions onto our children which should be of a personal choice. If this were to be a practical idea to bring forth it would be to put the option into all public secondary schools (GR 8-12) as an option for credits and to learn about the different religious groups of the world and the histories that came from them, it could be an option instead of national history or a mixed class of national history and religions.

  • I object because everyone has a different view. Most people come from a different religion. I'm positive a Jewish kid wouldn't want to be listening to the Christian bible during school. This goes against freedom of religion

  • Knowledge of the creator should rather be replaced by a knowledge of science since science out of its empirical nature is unifying, while science because of non-empirical faith is divisive!

  • also buddhism, hinduism, taoism, satanism, and all other holy books

  • I object because religion is more of a choice than a requirement for people.

  • I object because people have different beliefs, and specially nowadays with multicultural countries, you shouldn't teach a certain culture in schools, since there might be students from other cultures as well.

  • Violates the Constitution of USA and possibly others. Everyone deserves freedom of religion which this violates

  • I object because religious views can only separate the world

  • I object because the world needs to have secular beliefs. No religion is better than other. Chieldren should have access to the information if they are curious.

  • I object because I don't believe any one religion should be taught over any other religion on this planet. And more egregiously, no teaching of ANY religion should ever be mandatory.

  • I object because not everyone follows the same religion. We should not be confident in that which does not hold intellectual weight.

  • I object because all religions are a way of controlling people

  • I object because I don't believe that scripture should taught at all. Perhaps a section on the history of world religions, but not scripture.

  • I object because I don't believe forcing anything down anyone's throat is the way to go.

  • I object because public schools themselves are antiquated and putting energy and resources into changing a paradigm on its way to being history could be wasteful. It might be more effective for people interested in the Book of Enoch and it's insight to unify and create a home-schooling program and on-line program for school-aged children that can be delivered to kids and their parents who are ready to receive that knowledge. The main stream public schools surely should not be ignored but I wonder most seriously if it's in the realm of realistic or worthwhile to put energy into a venture like this at this time. Just my limited opinion of course.

  • I would suggest that a summary class of ALL religions and spirituality be taught and then if a student wants more information about a particular religion then they go to a website that gives them resource information for that religion including bibles, books, and physical church locations that include the pastor/priest name, address and telephine number.

  • I object because a student should be exposed to ALL religions and other forms of spirituality.

  • I object because You're crazy and have no real grasp on life. You hold blind faith in what you've never really seen.

    You don't thank your atmosphere for allowing you to live day to day. You don't thank nature or plants for providing the oxygen you breathe in. No, You demand judgement from a man made idea.

    Curse this poison called religion. Humanity will reign over your fake god.

  • I object because not everyone is Christian, plus there is a separation of church and state!!!

  • I believe in the separation of church and state. Teach religion in the home not in the schools

  • I object because religion is not a need. It can be taught to your children if you want. But we need philosofy sociology, communication theories, and other knownledge that could help kids to be free-minded. Religion is opposed to free-minding, isn't it?

  • Religions isn't objective truth and shouldn't be taught as fact. It only interferes with progress.

  • I object because I don't think religion should be taught in schools

  • I object because school should be a place where we teach people about facts instead of beliefs. We should continue to keep separate the church and the state to emphasize scientific facts over religious beliefs in our schools.

  • I object because it is a violation of freedom of religion, religion should not be imposed

  • I object because people should be able to explore the concepts themselves

  • I object because children are too young to take a stance on religion.

  • this is a tower of an ides, it reminds me of the other one. the way man lost the ability to talk to one another when looking for GOD. IT IS NOT A YES OR NO PROBLEM it need to be on the table for com debates jest like clean water,food and education so people have these things and some don't. are you so proud that it only takes you less the a minute to get a cool glass of water maybe you even had food to day MOST did not.

  • I object because there are as many interpretations of "holy books" as there are people on earth, even more so, if we take into account the time periods, also the history of religious beliefs have show how well a ideological philosophy works as in it doesn't, secular societies are much more tuned to human rights which is the number one issue for the world to progress as a whole, while i agree that hundreds of years ago it was the only tool for our progress, it has shown itself as much better at regress in the world of today and tomorrow. Also teaching which book, or all of them, i'm gonna make the assumption that you'd only support your religion over any others.

  • I object because not everyone believes or cares about your fairy tales.

  • I believe that all religions should be taught in schools, as well as atheism and evolution so that there is an understanding but not everyone should have to learn scriptures or anything that deep into the religions

  • I agree that scriptures, including the Holy Bible, are an important (but not the only) source of moral principles and that moral principles should be taught in public schools. I believe that teachers should be allowed to use any source, including Christian or non-Christian scripture, to illustrate such principles. While it is true that much evil has been perpetrated in the name of religion, such evil generally results from the perversion of religion by evil men and not from the actual moral principles promoted by a particular religion.

  • I object because religion is a choice and a bet that everyone should be free to make. Forcing anyone to believe is against freedom.

  • I object because you would be forcing false ideas onto the new generation instead of opening their minds to the truth of science. Moreover, anyone should be free to choose what they believe in and not forced. What a terrible idea!!!

  • Religion should only be taught in schools to highlight human diversity & aid understanding of one another & our different beliefs & cultures. Mutual respect & loving kindness would be much more useful lesson subjects than the above.

  • I object because I believe religion is a burden for the human being development, the only religion to be practiced should be love one and another, that should be taught in public schools, no dogma necessary, as simple as that. Besides Public schools should not deliver religious education, if parents want their children to know their religion they can teach with an everyday lifestyle, not in te school, or either they can go to a private religious school.

  • Knowledge of why people go to hell don't bring you food, but knowledge of how to make a food does.

    But that is not just limited to food, mind you. I'm telling that religious things basically bring nothing good except the temporal feeling of being holy.

  • Children should only be taught history, logic, and science that is based on scientific laws, unless it is made clear that what they are being taught is hypothetical or fictional.

  • I object because they can't force people "unbeliever" to believe in something they don't want. In addition, everyone chooses what to believe in.

  • not all the bible... just have them read the part about the guy who: even though he was poor ran around helping people, and talking about how people who think they are better then others are going to hell, the same guy who eventually tortured and killed by those who liked to criticize, judge and control just like those who pretend they believe his doctrine

  • I think things that take faith can stay out of schools including evolution

  • I object because public schools (in the U.S.) are government entities, and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution strictly forbids the teaching/proselytizing of (one) religion in public schools. Religions can be studied -- I remember studying the five major world religions in a world history class in 9th grade -- but there was no favoritism of one religion over another.

  • I object because there is a lot of religions in the worl, and it would be unfair that only one of them would be taught in public schools. An because religions can be teached like something cultural, but in the end it must be a personal decision and not impossed.

  • I object because religion causes segregation, and is a personal choice, it should never be imposed to children.

  • I object because Well, my school already does teach a basic understanding of religions around the world in my social studies class. I feel that this should indeed happen so people understand these religions. However, they only teach us as fact what is proven to be fact. They tell us that people follow these religions and believe in certain aspects. However, they do not go through every single religious writing (seriously? That would take years of school) and they do not force religion upon us. If you wish to study your own religion then go to church or temple or whatever. You who created this are obviously super religious and probably Christian since you keep going on about the bible, but you should know that all religions matter and everyone has different beliefs. For example, you believe the Big Bang is a lie. Do you have a better suggestion as to how this universe was created? Well, you probably have a very unscientific one too. I have a question, do you believe in the theory of evolution? And again, you forget atheists and agnostics, who don't have scriptures for their beliefs.

  • To the guy who said that religious people are generally less intelligent, I will tell you now that you are one of those people who thinks very highly of themselves and is not open to other beliefs. You are narrow and close-minded and should not talk about things you don't understand, like faith.

  • I completely agree with be the change on this one

  • I object because religion is the enemy of progress.

  • I object because not every child is religious and pushing religion in schools is inappropriate.

  • I object because this is quite basically unfair to all other religions. It's like saying we should teach all the details and history and beliefs of the Khoi-San culture in schools globally.

  • This site is the worst thing ever, because the people are the worst thing ever.... look at this opinions... oh my god.

  • I object because this country is based on separation of church and state

  • No matter which are your religion, you don't have the right to impose your beliefs into others.
    I do not meant disrespect for your faith, but I don't want it to be taught to my children in school.
    Precisely this kind of ideas are what provoke reject and conflict between people that are nice and good but with different credos.

  • I object because people should never try to force their beliefs on others. This only creates resentment. I went to religious schools and it made me dislike religion even more.

  • I object because there is no such think as knowledge of the Creator. All knowledge we claim to have is human invented.

  • I object because religion is a choice and a belief, not facts. If they would teach the bible then they should also teach about other religions, as part of a full education. Don't force the bible on kids.

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